The Stereo Mini Portable Sound Box from USB Fever REVIEW

A couple of months back, I asked my LEGO friends Beetle and Maynard with their girlfriends Sunshine and Faith to check out the new Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker that Thomas at USB Fever sent from overseas. (see the review: Make Some Music)

Sunshine: “We were looking for an upgrade to a dual speaker setup. It was then that Judie from GearDiary told us about the Stereo Mini Portable Sound Box from USB Fever. That Judie girl ROCKS, because it as exactly what we were looking for!”


(L to R) Beetle, Maynard, Faith and Sunshine with the Stereo Mini Portable Sound Box

Maynard: “We needed a little more bass for our iPod Shuffle and the other MP3 players that happened to be laying around. USB Fever carries some pretty hip USB items are the right size for portability. And for only $2.99, they ship from overseas.”


The Stereo Mini Portable Sound Box has a fold away / hide away connector plug…


Beetle: “The back panel pops off and is powered by 2AAA batteries. By the way, you have to come up with your own batteries as they aren’t included.”


Maynard: “Dude, the plug folds down and it can be adjusted to any angle. And look! It lights up red when the on / off switch is flipped.”


Faith: “Yeah, it comes with a neck strap and also a keychain strap included for big people to use.”


Sunshine: “It’s real easy to plug in a iPod shuffle like Maynard is doing. Just hit play and chill out!”


Faith: “Yeah, when you’re chillin’ out with some pizza, it’s cool to hear a little music – the sound is pretty good for the little box. It’s got a little bass, and the batteries last a long time. Pretty good deal for $13.99!

Sunshine: “The Stereo Mini Portable Sound Box is available from USB Fever.”

What We Like: “The sound and portability gives big people a break from the ear buds and makes for a cool conversation piece.”

What Needs Improvement: “Hey don’t be hating on our Sound Box especially when Judie (she rocks ya’ll!) and Thomas from USB Fever did the hook up!”

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