Case-Mate Handle-it for MacBook REVIEW

Ever feel paranoid about dropping your MacBook? The smart guys at Case-mate have a simple, yet effective solution to keep a grip on your 13″ Apple bundle of joy.

The Case-Mate Handle-it for MacBook is an easy to install handle accessory for your Apple notebook.


With the removal of two screws, the 9” aircraft aluminum handle does double duty as a passive heat sink which folds underneath the laptop allowing better airflow and cooling.


There are two rubber O-rings to keep your desktop furniture from being scratched.


The fold under handle lifts the rear end of the MacBook ¾” for a better typing angle.

Available in either black or white, the handle is trimmed out with Case-Mate’s embossed Italian Pebblestone leather for additional gripping and comfort while carrying.

The kit coming with a screwdriver and two slightly longer screws to mount the Handle-it underneath the MacBook. Thankfully, there is no drilling required. It’s pretty easy to install and remove. It’s a wonder why other laptops don’t have two holes underneath to install a handle.

The Case-Mate Handle-it allows a 1 ¼” clearance for your fingers to drip the round ½” leather covered rod. The handle doesn’t lock in place, so it does sway while carrying.

Case-Mate manufactures a 13″ Signature Sleeve and a 13″ Glovez protective cases that the MacBook can slip into with the Handle-it installed. If you have a top loading notebook case (and you should!), then having the Handle-it installed is a better alternative than grabbing and pulling the MacBook by the lid.

For extra protection, if you’re walking your MacBook to a meeting with the lid open, having a secure grip on the Handle-it with the MacBook resting on your forearm adds a preventive measure of tears and great wailing from occurring should your beloved MacBook takes a tumble.

The Case-Mate Handle-it for MacBook is available from the manufacturer.

MRSP: $49.99

What I Like: Simple installation, lifts the MacBook up for a better angle for typing, leather handle looks stylish and feels comfortable to carry. I wish every laptop had the capability of two screws to install a Handle-it.

What Needs Improvement: A locking mechanism on the handle to keep it from swaying.

Photos of the Handle-it courtesy of Case-Mate

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