USBFever 2-in-One Car/Home 2 port USB Charger

USBFever 2-in-One Car/Home 2 port USB Charger

The folks over at USB Fever are now offering a 2-in-one car/home charger for USB devices. The nice thing about this one is that it offers swappable adapters for the U.S./Japan, U.K., Australia/China, and Europe, as well as a standard 12v/24v car lighter connection able to charge 2 USB devices at once.

This adapter works well both at home and in the car – the various plugs are supported by swapping the connector you need in/out of the base adapter.  They’re vary easy to change out. There’s also an LED that lights up when there’s power so you can see it’s active.

USBFever 2-in-One Car/Home 2 port USB Charger

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 USB ports. There is one small catch, though – one is powered at 5 volts/500mAh, and one at 5 volts/1000mAh. The more powerful outlet is for the iPhone/iPod/PDAs and the other for smaller MP3 players. This is kind of neat since a number of adapters out there only provide power at 500mAh (or sometimes 850mAh) which won’t properly work with the iPhone.  I can confirm, however, that this one does.

One word of warning though – the ports appear to be labelled incorrectly – backward, actually. The port marked MP3 is really the more powerful iPod/iPhone port. The other port is the lower amperage MP3 port, despite being labelled Phone.  The ports seem to work well, they’re just labelled backward.

I’ve been using this charger for about a week now and I really like it. I like the extra USB port and I like that it can be used all over the world. I do wish, however, they had included a little bag to hold the adapters / cover when you aren’t using them. As it is I have no good way to store them since thy came in a blister pack rather than a box. Otherwise, this is a nice little set at a budget price.  Definitely worth a look!

You can find the 2-1 Charger at USBFever for .99.

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