DLO Video Shell for Ipod Nano

The following review written by Jennifer Serra – When my DLO ipod nano case with “kickstand” arrived I was very excited. I could not wait to open it and place my precious Nano in to its new home, a hard shell. I was hoping that the case would protect my Nano and keep the screen free from scratches and dirty fingers. Was the case up to the task? Keep reading to find out.


Opening the package was a breeze- however opening the case was not.

After struggling to open the DLO case I handed it off to my 11 year old. About 25 seconds later he had the case open and was inserting my nano into it.


Closing it was as much of a struggle, but confirmed to that my nano would be safe and sound tucked securely into her new home.


So far I had worked quite hard to open and close this case. I must admit I looked at the package several times hoping to find some sort of directions to help me with the set up, but I found none, Now comes the fun part.

I loaded a few movies and TV shows then set about the task of testing the efficiency of the kickstand.

I tried it in bed- how what a treat, I did not have to hold it, so my hand did not get cold, go numb or drop the nano.

I set up the kick stand and placed it on the nightstand next to me. I watched the entire show without one bit of discomfort.

It also works well sitting on a pillow next to me, and on the mattress. The next test was on my desk at work.

I was not sure if the fluorescent overhead lights would cause too much glare- not at all. The only flaw is that the clock does not show when watching a movie. I took too long a break! oops.


My children also love it, watching a movie while eating their morning bowl of cereal or “doing their homework” and I do not have to worry about them spilling on the Nano.

The best test was the train ride- it is difficult, at best, to hold your hand steady while riding the commuter train.

Metro North Early AM inbound Grand Central

I grabbed a window seat, set the kickstand up and put it on the window ledge.

I did need to secure it with my hand, but it was so much better then having to jam your knee into the seat back in front of you, then trying to balance the ipod and your hand on your knee.

Overall, the case is a bit of a struggle to take apart and put back together, but it does an awesome job of keeping your nano safe and clean and “the kickstand” on the back is outstanding!

It allows you to watch movies almost anywhere with the freedom of not having to hold it steady.

The kickstand folds up compactly on the back, and the case does not interfere with the charging, inserting the Nike+ attachment or the headphone jacks.
The case only made the ipod nano more user friendly.

Cost: $ 19.99

Pros: Much more comfortable to watch videos with the kickstand, solid protection

Cons: Case is tough to remove, no instructions for removal/assembly

Metro North Early AM inbound Grand Central

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