NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

If you like saving money, or in the case of Apple iPhone replacement accessories hate paying full retail prices, there’s a company that will keep some change in your pocket.

Newer Technology has been around since the 1980’s selling Macintosh memory products. Today they have a line of five accessory products for the iPhone and iPod.

Bass Response Earbuds – with noise reduction and sound quality enhancer.
Hands-Free Mic & Earbud – provides hands-free communication while driving.
iPhone Mic Extender Cable – mic extender for hands-free use.
iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter – links to headphone connectors.
iPhone and iPod Auto Charger – charges an iPhone or iPod while driving.

Let’s take a quick look at these items that will easily fit your budget.

NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

The NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds has a good sound and comfortable fit. For only $19.99, you can throw away those stock white Apple earbuds. These will stay in your ears, have a decent bass response and do a good job of keeping out ambient background noise or better yet, cubicle chatter. The NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds work with the iPhone or iPods.

Product Specifications:

• Plug: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug
• Cord Length: 39 in / 99.06 cm
• Impedance: 32 Ohms
• Earphone Type: In-ear
• Frequency Response: 10-20,000Hz
• Sensitivity: 105 dB (+/- 3 dB)
• Driver type: Single driver; full range precision balanced armature

NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

The NewerTech Hands-Free Mic & Earbud is a good replacement item for hands free talking on the iPhone. With the same specs as the NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds, there is a On/Off switch to pause your music, answer calls, and resume playing music. The microphone quality is good with no complaints for outbound or inbound conversations. There is a double-click button with a skip to the next song feature. With a 39” cord, there is a shirt clamp attachment to keep it in place. For $19.99, this is great deal.

NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

Even if you have existing headphones that you wish could be used on the iPhone, NewerTech has a Headphone Jack Adaptor for only $7.99. At 6 1/4” long, it is a lightweight solution that fits snugly in the iPhone’s recessed headphone jack.

NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

You can also use your existing headphones with a NewerTech Mic Extender Cable for iPhone. The 31 ¼” cord fits in the iPhone’s recessed headphone jack and has the same features as the NewerTech Hands-Free Mic; hands-free talk on the iPhone, a On/Off switch and shirt clamp for attachment. Another nice deal at $14.99.

NewTech Accessories for the iPhone Review

My favorite item is the iPhone and iPod Auto Charger. It works like a charm with a simple plug and charge in any standard 12 volt outlet in your vehicle. The cord is 48 inches which fits on the passenger seat or anyplace in your vehicle with ease. The list price is $12.99.

All of the NewerTech items mentioned above come with a 1 year warranty and are available directly from the manufacturer.

What I Like: Straight forward products with good quality and reasonable prices. These items offer a excellent replacement alternative to the more expensive stock items.

What Needs Improvement: None

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