HANDL Your Smartphone Properly with This Artist Made Case

If you have one of the phablet type of devices like the iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you know one thing for certain. Attempting to juggle typing one-handed on it is not the easiest thing to do while multitasking.

So it’s ironic that an artist who got fed up with trying to do two things at once took out time to create something to make OUR lives, as well as his a bit easier when it comes to using our smartphones. The HandL, by Hirsch and Light Company, is labeled as a droplet phone case, or as the artist himself says, is a “natural extension of your hand”.

The HANDL’s revolutionary design allows you to operate your smartphone without having to do that strange side phone grip we’ve all grown accustomed to. Another bonus is it’s also a portrait AND landscape stand for those who like to watch films on their phones.

HandL Your Smartphone Properly with This Artist Made Case

Made of Pu leather, the $50 case only takes two fingers to operate, which as the creator’s state, makes sure there’s less effort, and more relaxation while using. I know for a fact this is great for me personally and I hope that I have a chance to review it.

I’ve asked if the actual clip is removable or not, and I was told that it’s easy to install and remove and will not look like you’re using a belt clip to swivel your phone. Big plus, because that’s exactly what my first impression was.

If you’re in the market for the HANDL, you can pick one up online from their site today for $49.99.

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