Review: Coghlan’s LED Clip-On Headlight

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Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight Listen to this article

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the 0.5 Watt Headlight by Coghlan’s.  This one isn’t as powerful, but is still enough to light the night for a whole summer’s worth of camp outs.

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

Like the other headlight, this one will strap onto your head as in the above picture; unlike the other headlight, it also will clip on to your pocket,hat or backpack strap like so.

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

It’s equipped with the same LED as the Micro Lantern, and this headlight promises to last as long as the Lantern.  Like the lantern, it is also powered by 2 CR2032 Lithium watch batteries, which are easy to find and long lasting.

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

This headlight also has a red lens that can flip over the headlight and give off red light instead of white light.  This will help preserve your night vision if your using it to light up astronomy charts or take notes while doing some mid-summer star gazing.

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

Review: Coghlan's LED Clip-On Headlight

Headlight’s aren’t for everyone, but this outdoorsman swears by them, especially on night hikes.  Having a headlight such as this lighter one, or the beefier 0.5 Watt headlight will come in handy on the trail.  It’s also great even if you’re just trying to hook up some cables behind your entertainment center.  I can’t put a price on being able to use 2 hands while having enough light to work by.

Like the LED Lantern and the 0.5 Watt Headlight, this one also has a flash mode.  just press the button one more time and it will start to flash just like the LED Lantern does.

The headlight is available at for .74.

What I like: Gives you enough light to work by and also enables you to work with both hands.  The clip is also handy in case you need the light to be someplace your head won’t fit.  It’s also small and will fit easily in a small pocket on your pack or even clip on your pack’s strap for storage.

What needs improvement: The one thing that needs improvement on this one is the strap.  It’s a bit on the light side, but it does hold the light on both my head and my son’s.  I’d like a second strap that goes over the head to provide a bit more stability.  Other than this issue, it’s perfect and will last an entire season on 2 batteries.

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