Sweetslap.com offers the Top 20 Things Not to Say During Sex

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Sweetslap.com offers the Top 20 Things Not to Say During Sex Listen to this article


Here’s an aptly named web site for the romantically clueless. Sweetslap.com bills itself as a site that provides the “refreshing, light slap in the face that all couples need once in a while to stop and remember to appreciate one another”.

Their sample suggestions are chock filled with blatantly obvious stuff that would be helpful to anyone who has never dated helpful date suggestions like:

Do something different together! Take some lessons, maybe martial arts, golf, language classes, cooking classes or even try volunteering together. Bottom line – talk about your common interests and start learning and experiencing something new.

Wow. Never would have thought of that. And for the completely helpless, the site publishes a plethora of top 20 lists – including the much needed Top 20 Things Not To Say During Sex. My favorite is #7 — “Perhaps you’re just out of practice”Take a look at the list on the next page – just in case you need a few pointers.

There are a lot of things that probably are best left undone while you’re getting romantic with your partner. In case you’re not sure – here’s a list of the Top 20 Things Not To Do/Say During Sex:

top 20 things not to say during sex.jpg


How about this “cheat sheet” of The Top 20 Reasons Why You Love Him/Her (Hint: If you need a cheat sheet the relationship is most likely over).

sweetslap top 20.jpg

If these 20 items are of interest and you’ve never been on a date or wandered far outside your home, you’ll probably enjoy reading more of their Top 20 lists including:

Things to put on a card
Love songs of the Twentieth Century
Best romantic movies
Dramatic films
Reasons why you love/hate him/her
Romantic destinations (international)
Things not to say/do during sex
TV shows on DVD
Romantic classical songs
Things to know about your lover
Romantic comedies
Movie classics
Romantic destinations
Love quotes
Classic novels

Link: Sweetslap

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