Designer Sleeves Review

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How often have you taken your laptop to work, but then had to go to a meeting where you wanted to bring your laptop but not its full-size bag?  Sleeve cases are a awesome item that allow you to keep your laptop protected, but let you leave the bulk at your desk.  I was sent a new Designer Sleeve in the Cars pattern to check out…

Designer Sleeves Review

As you can see, it’s very brightly colored.  The sleeve is made of neoprene like material; it is a bit squishy and provides some protection, but I still wouldn’t want to drop my laptop just because it was inside the case.

Designer Sleeves Review

Without the laptop inside, the case is very thin; you can likely find a place in your desk to store this between meetings.  Sleeves are a perfect option to use as a go-between case when you’re at the office. You can just slip your laptop into one of these beautiful sleeves, and you’ll be protected from some minor bumps as you go from meeting to meeting.  This sleeve also allows you to carry some papers or the cord in its outside pocket.

Designer Sleeves Review

Here’s what it looks like with the T60 sitting inside:

Designer Sleeves Review

And finally, with it all packed up and ready for my next meeting:

Designer Sleeves Review

Designer Sleeves are also currently available in a total of 47 different patterns.  Here’s some of my favorites:Designer Sleeves Review

Images Provided by Designer Sleeves Web Site

If you want a handle on your sleeve, then I suggest you go with the Executive or the Professional Designer Sleeve; each has a handle and a shoulder strap.  The Executive is 1/2 inch wider so that it can accommodate some additional pockets inside the main compartment.

Designer Sleeves Review

Designer Sleeves are unique, and you can also put your corporate logo on them as well; they are wonderful for carrying your laptop from meeting to meeting.  They also work insituations where you just don’t want the bulk of a normal laptop bag.

Designer Sleeves are available at, and they come in a 13 inch size for $34.95, a 14.1 inch for $36.95 and a 15.4 inch for $38.95.

What I liked: The interior of the case is very soft and will not scratch your laptop.  It’s also very colorful as well.  It’s not quite as padded as I would like, but it’s sufficient for stuffing into another bag, or for taking between meetings.

What needs improvement: It’s almost perfect; they should add a little more padding or maybe make it available in a 17 inch size.

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