Make Sure Your Laptop & Travel Tech Are Protected with Native Union’s STOW Collection

If you’ve just been tossing your laptop, tablet and charging cables in your backpack without thinking, stop now and check out Native Union’s STOW Collection, a solution to protecting and properly organizing your tech.

Traveling with my iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and the cables that come with them (dongles as well) tends to be a bit much sometimes. Prior to picking up the Native Union STOW collection, I would simply use the laptop compartment to toss those items in, until the ONE time I forgot to put TSA Pre-Check on my boarding pass. Having to dig out various cords with my laptop including my AirPods, lightning cable, USB-C cable and more could’ve been solved if I simply had a sleeve to place everything in, so when it’s time to go through security I just take those items out and place them on the belt. THIS is where the STOW Collection comes in handy.

I received both the Native Union Stow Sleeve for the MacBook Air ($79.95), as well as the Native Union Stow Accessory Organizer ($59.95) and in my few weeks of using, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my daily carry. Prior to using this, I had a BUBM bag I tossed every cord imaginable in, and stuffed it into the front of my bag, with the laptop and an Anker wall charger with the cables still attached in my backpack. Where the STOW Collection has helped is that now each item has its place, and are available to grab quickly.

With the Accessory Organizer, I now store my USB-C to USB-C cable and dongle at the front of the bag, and on the inside, I store my AirPods, Apple Watch Charger, my spare Apple Pencil, and an extra HyperDrive USB-C all-in-one adapter for Podcasting on the go. Having this solution helps not only know where everything is but keeps things from cluttering the inside of my actual backpack.

Then there’s the Stow Sleeve by Native Union, which allows me to store not just my 13-inch MacBook Pro, but my 11-inch iPad Pro as well. There’s enough storage in both that the included zipper can close with a minimal effort, and it protects items from the elements when I take the laptop out of the bag to type. This came in handy in a huge way when I had to quickly grab my MacBook to type up an article for CES and accidentally dropped it while rushing. Not only did it protect it during the fall, but there was no visible damage done to the bag.

Overall, I use the Stow Collection by Native Union daily now, as it helps to keep me a bit more organized, while never forgetting any adapters, dongles, or cables. For more information on the NATIVE UNION Stow Collection, you can head over to their site directly.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Simplistic look, holds all of my items; Easy to grab out of a bag and put on the TSA belt at the airport

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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