Zibra cuts the Wrap Rage and helps you Open It!

Zibra cuts the Wrap Rage and helps you Open It!

Seems like these days every little item you purchase in the store is wrapped in one of those “adult-proof” blister packs. You know the ones, heavy gauge plastic with laser-sealed edges that even the craftiest shoplifters – and consumers – cannot open.

A group of women in Mooresville, N.C. got so frustrated and angered after struggling to open difficult packaging they came up with a diagnosis: Wrap Rage!

Then they came up with a cure – the Open It! angular-jawed scissors that make easy work out of that packaging that adds so much stress to holidays like birthdays and Christmas.

You can zip through that ballistic packaging in no time, and save your spouse from a hernia as they inevitably try to prove they are stronger (and smarter) than the packaging industry of the world.

We got our trial Open It! package and got a good laugh as soon as we took them out of the box – they were partially enclosed in blister packaging.

Zibra cuts the Wrap Rage and helps you Open It!


Our tester arrived in Fire Orange and they are also available in Berry Red and Mocha colors.
In addition to the angular cutting jaws, the Zibra Open It! also features a flip-out screwdriver accessory (with reversible Phillips/flat tip bit) as well as a retractable knife blade for slicing your way through your frustrations, and for safe storage the Open It! includes a locking mechanism.

Zibra cuts the Wrap Rage and helps you Open It!

The blades are made of heavy gauge metal and very sharp so the Open It! should not be used by children, and besides, it seems many kids seem to have an easier time opening packages than adults anyway.

In the press info I received for the Open It! they listed pricing as $10.99 but on their website (www.enjoyzibra.com/openit) it is listed at $12.99.

Putting the Open It! to the task, I made quick work of opening the other package I received today, and with no chance of slicing a finger on those sharp edges left behind thanks to the offset blades.

Zibra cuts the Wrap Rage and helps you Open It!

Check out Open It! and other products offered by the “Designing Women” of the Zibra company at www.enjoyzibra.com.

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