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September 3, 2008 • Reviews

Urbantool Sportholster – extra pockets during workouts

urbantool sportholster.jpg

I am in the midst of a 6 month training to complete my first half marathon. When I began my more serious training in the spring I was often faced with a few logistical issues; such as where to put my keys, my phone and iPod?

If I was running in my neighborhood the keys weren’t an issue, but I often travel to different parks and cities to keep me from getting bored and give me a good reason to see places I have not seen before. I have tried “hiding” my key on my tire, tying it to my shoe or sticking it in my sock. None of them are all that smart or comfortable.

I also carry my cell phone, iPod and pepper spray. I was constantly juggling these in my hands or had them bouncing around my pockets. Then it started getting warmer and I wanted to bring water along as well.

sportholster image.jpg

Then I saw the sportHolster by Urban Tool and thought this just may be a great way to carry everything in a comfortable yet safe way. The sportHolster has a key fob on a retractable clip to keep the key secure. It has a pocket for your cell and another for your mp3 player with a small opening to attach your ear buds.

sport holster 1.jpg

Across the back of the vest is a good size mesh pocket for anything else you want to carry. It is not big enough to carry a bottle of water, but you can carry money, tissues, emergency meds or almost anything you need to carry. Unfortunately it is not large enough to carry a bottle of water. It also has several reflective patches for your safety while exercising in the dark.

sportholster back.jpg

I have used it for about a month and find it very useful when I am hiking in the woods or going through cities. I do find the back reflective strip (along the neck) to be a bit irritating as I run It is a bit rough and it rubs along my neck, but it is fine if I wear a shirt with a higher neckline in the back. You wear it like a vest and it fits securely over your shoulders and across your shoulder blades. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to store in your glove box or backpack.

I find the sportHolster to be a great tool to help make my training a little easier as it gives me a safe comfortable place to carry my “stuff” without adding bulk.

Thanks to Jennifer Serra for the review!

The sportHolster is available at – $49

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