MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

Remember when MOO MiniCards hit the scene in late 2006? Everyone on the internet thought they were the cutest thing since…I don’t know what, and many of us ordered sets to keep, trade, or even use as business cards. The deal was that you could access your Flickr account and use up to 100 different photos to decorate the back of each custom card, although another option was that you could also go with just a single favorite photo or multiples of different photos. The front could hold traditional business card information, although you certainly didn’t have to be so staid. The diminutive MOO MiniCards measured 28mm (0.9″) tall x 70mm (2.75″) wide, and while they were about as wide as a traditional business card, they were only half as tall. I ordered a set, and although I loved the cards I couldn’t help but wish that MOO made a more standard sized business card that allowed the same artistic freedom; my unspoken wish has been granted, and now they do.

I was recently offered the chance to review the new MOO Business Cards, and it wasn’t simply because I needed new business cards that I jumped at the opportunity; I had hopes that they would be every bit as cool as the MiniCards were (and are). Guess what I found out?

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

They are!

The premise of the MOO Business Cards is that you can use your own photos from Flickr, FaceBook, Etsy, photos stored on your computer, special designs, or your business’ logo to create a unique two sided card that will make people remember you, or at least make them smile. You can also create text cards which feature words or phrases in bright, vivid colors.

After going through the MOO process of choosing a picture (mine came from my Paris 2008 Flicker Set), I was able to select the text I wanted for the back as well as given the option of choosing a background color or adding a logo. A little over a week went by, and my package arrived…

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

I ordered the green cards, which means they are made from 100% recycled paper; they are also recyclable and bio-degradable.

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

The card case has a removable white paper label on it…

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

Inside there are tabs to separate your personal cards from ones you collect. I chose to get a bright blue background for my business info, and yeah – I noticed that I didn’t add my email address once my cards arrived – a total brain-fart. No worries, though; I will still have a lot of fun handing these babies out, and if people that I meet can find Gear Diary, then they’ll be able to contact me. 😉

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

And here is my photo, beautifully duplicated on my new business cards. I’ll especially have fun handing these out at the automotive events I attend, in fact I think David (our Grinding Gears editor) needs to get some made with a picture of him in the Viper he reviewed earlier this year. 😉

MOO Business Cards: MOO MiniCards Grow Up

What makes MOO Business Cards unique?
One-of-a Kind: A true conversation starter! Unlike any other business card, MOO’s Printfinity technology allows you to use a different image/design on each individual card! It’s perfect for showcasing your product line, client work or brand statements across a set of cards.

Affordable, Flexible and Efficient: Businesses constantly change — new job positions, office location, or employees — MOO gives you the option to order as few as 50 cards at a time for as little as $21.99 making it more affordable and efficient for all of your business needs AND they’re printed in 48hrs and shipped globally.

Customized: MOO Business Cards can be created by uploading images and logos, selecting from an array of MOO templates and images or by creating your own designs completely from scratch!

Two Paper Stocks: Take your pick and choose from MOO’s two Business Card paper stocks: Green (100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable or MOO Classic paper stock – smooth, sleek matte laminate finish which always impresses

MOO carry case: Each set of MOO Business Cards comes with a free specially designed holder.

High Quality, Guaranteed: MOO is committed to designing the best on-demand print products that money can buy.

These new MOO Business Cards are slightly shorter and slightly taller than a traditional business card; they measure 55mm (2.2″) tall x 84mm (3.3″) wide, and they are available in pack sizes of 50 or 200. You can choose from MOO classic or green (recycled and recyclable) paper, and they are the cutest thing since…the MOO MiniCard.

While MOO Business Cards may seem a little bit pricey at first, especially if you are used to buying a box of 500 monochromatic cards on cheap card stock for $19.99, the ability to personalize these and make your image pop when you hand them out should be priceless for anyone who wants to make a better than average first impression.

MOO Business Cards are available directly from the manufacturer in packs of 50 or 200.

MSRP: $21.99 (for 50) and $69.99 (for 200)

What I Like: These are cute, unique, personality driven cards; you can use a single design or photograph, or you can make every single card different

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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  1. I got a set with just my blog info for times when my salon business card wasn’t the most appropriate. I think the short runs are great for people who want to hand out different cards for different facets of their business and personal lives. The high quality makes them perfectly appropriate for anyone. Try a set!

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