Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

Apple got it right with the second generation iPod Touch. The device is sleek, thin and feels great in the hand. It works fantastically well as a touchscreen iPod, as a video and gaming device and as a mobile internet device. The addition of a physical volume control was much needed and, even though the speaker is a bit on the weak and tinny side, it is a great addition to the device. Sure, I wish Apple had added GPS and Bluetooth, but that doesn’t keep me from being extremely happy with this slick device.

The new iPod Touch does have one HUGE downside, however. As pretty as the shiny back might be, it is one of the post powerful scratch-magnets I have ever seen. If you are not careful the Touch can quickly become a scratched-up mess. As a result, the iPod Touch is one of those devices that screams out for a good, protective case. And that’s the problem. Putting a case around the iPod Touch largely defeats the purpose of having a device like the iPod Touch. There’s a reason Apple created such a super thin, touch screen iPod in the first place. Adding significant thickness to the device in order to protect it doesn’t make any sense.

That’s where the wonderful folks over at Waterfield have you covered. For the past few weeks I’ve been using Waterfield Suede Jacket with my iPod Touch and I couldn’t be happier.

Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

The folks at Waterfield describe the Suede Jacket this way —

It doesn’t get thinner than this! This Ultrasuede™ slipcase prevents scratches on your iPod, and the elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty and stretchy enough to hold your bluetooth and earbuds safely. Low profile slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket. Perfect fit for your iPod. Available with or without the new pocket.

Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

That’s a pretty darn good description of it! The Suede Jacket doesn’t look like much when you first get — just a simple black pocket. As is the case with everything Waterfield creates, however, it is well-conceived, even better made and totally functional (in the best sense of the word.)

Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

The Suede Jacket is just tight enough that my iPod Touch doesn’t slide into it without that material having to stretch a bit. That is a good thing since it means the device is gripped just tightly enough to keep it from accidentally slipping out. An added benefit of the sightly tight fit is that the entire device is given a bit of a “rubdown” whenever it is put into, or taken out of, the Suede Jacket. That keeps the screen nice and clean!

Waterfield iPod Suede Jacket Review

The Suede Jacket is available with or without a pocket, a $4 option. I would strongly suggest getting the pocket since it is a good place to store your earbuds when not using them.

My suede jacket for the second-generation iPod Touch, for example, is just $9  without the pocket and just $13 with it.

The Suede Jacket is available for both the second-generation iPod, the iPhone, the 120 GB classic iPod and the iPod or fourth generation. Prices start at seven dollars and maxed out at $13

What I Like-

Simple design

Well made

Perfect, low-profile, protection at a good price.

What I Don’t-


The Suede Jacket can be purchased HERE directly from Waterfield.

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