Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

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Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review Listen to this article

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

While it’s true CES is made up of a lot of exciting electronic type gadgets including TVs, stereos, gaming consoles, and other large ticket items sometimes cool things are also found in small packages.

Walking the show floor one day I came across the Bandshell booth. The Bandshell case is simple in design yet wonderful in function.

Not only does the case amplifiy the sound emitted by your iPhone’s speaker it also doubles as a video stand placing your phone and the proper angle for watching content.

I left the show with a few samples of the Bandshell for review courtesy of the Bandshell’s designer.

The Bandshell case is made from a hard durable plastic and it comes in 12 different colors. Silver, Black, White, copper, steel blue, purple, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and orange.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

The case itself is a two-piece design which snaps around your iPhone quite easily. Removing it is not difficult. The case has a tab on the side which allows for easy access.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

The Bandshell has all the proper cut outs you’d expect for access to your iPhone’s ports and buttons. You can both charge and sync with the iPhone cable while your phone is inside the case. I was however, unable to use the case in conjunction with any of my docks.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

In its closed form the Bandshell case looks like an average maximum protection iPhone case. What makes it unique however is its patent pending retractable sound door.

When you want to amplify the sound of your iPhone simply pull out the door and lock it in place. This creates a barrier for the sound coming from your iPhone to bounce off of and thus amplify. You no longer need to carry wires and cords, or a plug-in speaker which potentially could drain your iPhone’s battery. The Bandshell case does all the work for you.

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I am no scientist or audiophile but in my brief testing of the Bandshell I saw impressive results. I’d have to say that the sound coming from my iPhone more than doubled in volume with the Bandshell’s door opened.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

The other feature of the Bandshell case is its ability to double as a video stand. One side of the case is completely flat which allows you to place it on a table and have it stand properly so that you can watch videos without having to hold your phone. There is no disruption but that phone call comes in. Simply pick up the phone and answer there’s nothing to disconnect or turn off.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

A sleeper feature of the Bandshell case is the ability to use the retractable sound door when talking on the phone. The door creates a nice cover/barrier that protects your sound or voice from the elements outside such as wind.

The Bandshell case’s parts are fully interchangeable allowing you to create a custom look by mixing and matching the colored front and back pieces.

Bandshell sound amplifying case for iPhone Review

The bottom line with the Bandshell case is it simply works. If you do a lot of music listening through your iPhone’s speaker or conference calling, or speakerphone calling this is an accessory which you’ll find quite useful. The case is currently available  through February 15 at a special CES price of only $19.99.

For information on the Bandshell case or to find out how to order one of your own visit the Bandshell website here.

M.S.R.P. – $19.99

What I like — amplifies iPhone’s speaker sound, colors can be mixed and matched, door doubles as a call buffer, can be used as a video stand.

What I don’t like — little protection for your phone on the inside of the case, bulky.

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