Super Talent Pico Gold Thumb Drive (8GB) Review

They say good things come in small packages.  Well, after checking out the Super Talent Pico Thumb Drive, I am here to tell you that it is not so much good things, but great things that come in small packages.  As in great big things.  Like the 8GB of storage found in this tiny, 31.3 mm (yes that is millimeter) drive.  How can this be?  Read on to find out!


IMG_2552 So, there you can see the Pico drive.  And it is tiny.  To the left, you can see it again next to my usual 2 GB thumb drive.  It is really quite impressive.  It almost seems like the smaller the drive, the larger the capacity.  Of course, there is not necessarily such a correlation, but that should take nothing away from what Super Talent has accomplished with this Pico Drive.  Squeezing a whopping 8 GB into this drive,is absolutely remarkable.

Now, you might also be thinking that in order to shrink down to this size, maybe you have to sacrifice something in terms of speed.  Not at all.  This drive is just as fast accessing my data as anything else I have plugged into the USB ports (30MB/s).   It is even fully compatible with USB 2.0.

Heck, as you can see from this picture that I “stole”  off of Super Talent’s website, the Pico thumb drive is even fully water resistant.  I have had many scares where I got caught in the rain, or dropped my bag in a puddle.  No more closing your eyes and hoping you got the drive dried off well enough.


I will admit that the gold color was a bit much for me, particularly the gold chain on the end.  That chain felt like something my Grandma might have used to hold onto her glasses.  Fortunately, the Pico drive comes in plenty of other colors and finishes.  So even if you do not like the gold finish, there is still likely going to be something you like even better. I also found that the gold finish showed damage and defects much more than a plastic finish might have.  so, fingerprints, smudges, and scratches will all mar the finish on this one.  That may be a bit unsightly, but did not adversely affect the function of the drive at all.


So, I know what you are thinking right now.  Small size and large memory – that is an equation which is going to be balanced by high price on the other side of the equal sign.  Toss in that fancy gold finish and this is probably going to be priced way too high for the average user.  Well, let’s take a look.  These drives are available at Newegg, among other online retailers.  Now, while I will admit that the gold finish drove up the price a bit, I think you will still find the $24.95 price tag to be more than reasonable…much more than reasonable (incidentally, other finishes ring in at $18.95.)  So, there you have pretty much everything you are looking for in a thumb drive: small size, huge storage capacity, and tiny price.  So, what are you waiting for?  You have no excuse not to run out and grab this one while you can.

What I Liked: Well, as if this was not obvious.  Small size, huge capacity, amazing price at under $25 (incidentally, that comes out to $3.12/GB.  And I remember when the rule was $1/100 MB was a good price).

What Needs Improvement: Really, I just did not love the gold finish.  A little too over the top for me.  Plus, the finish was easily scuffed and marred.

Where To Buy: Super Talent website


Price: $24.99

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