Vaja 4G Nano iVolution Grip Case with GoClip Review

I honestly think that Apple makes the best MP3 player on the market.  I know there are a lot of people that would like to debate that point, but in my mind, and in my opinion, even though they didn’t release the first player, they were the first ones to get the experience right.  They win; but again, that’s a personal opinion…

Recently I bought my daughter a 4G (RED) Nano for Christmas.  Her grandparents “bought” her a white and red Samsung Propel (she got a Visa gift card that we used to purchase the phone).  It was a, uh-hem… Hard Candy Christmas, as most everything she got was white and red.

Just before the Holiday’s kicked in here in The States, I was approached by Vaja and asked if I wanted to review their iVolution Grip Case for the 4G Nano, I jumped at the opportunity. Let’s take a quick look and see how things went with the case.

Case Customize

As always, Vaja cases are the best. Period.  I love their customization options and the ability to see the configured case before it actually is ordered and shipped.  The above is taken directly from their configurator on their website.  Truly awesome.

The case that I had made for my daughter is white with a red interior.  Its a perfect match for her Nano, and a perfect match for her phone. I also had it made with a Go Clip, so she could hang it from a belt look and still pull it off and reattach it easily.

The clip was a winner, as I knew it would be.  The case has a couple of issues that need to be pointed out. Its very difficult to get the Nano in the case, as you can see below.

Trying to insert the Nano into the case. Not easy…

In order to get the device in the case, you have to initially rock it back and forth to get it started.

The 4G Nano doesn’t go in easily & has to be forced

After you get the case started, you really have to push hard to get the Nano in the case. Please note that the red interior leather and the red of the Nano itself are very close, if not identical.  I really have to commend Vaja on this.  The case with this color choice is the perfect accessory for my daughter’s Nano.

The Nano (finally) in the case

It really took a bit to get the Nano in the Grip case.  I had my daughter demo it for me and then I tried to do it myself.  This was NOT easy at all. That’s both good and bad.  The case is NOT coming off.

A close up of the Nano in the case. Notice the gap at the bottom…

Notice the gap at the bottom of the case?  This is as far as we could get the case on without seriously bending and tweaking the daylights out of the case.  It wasn’t going to budge after this.

Trying to adjust the Nano in the case to close the gap.

But we did try…

A close of of adjusting the case

…and try…

It moves no farther. Notice the scuff marks on the bottom…

It got a little better, but not much. Please notice the scuff marks at the bottom of the case. The leather will eventually wear to the point that its going to come away from the body of the case…

Normal wear and tear. The case is damaged after only 19 days…

The case did in fact get a cut in the side. This, from just sitting in my daughter’s purse.  I’m not sure what cut the case.  She doesn’t carry any keys…

Inserting the earphones is not an easy job due to the gap

Due to the gap at the end of the case, inserting the headphones as well as the sync/charge cable isn’t easy. You really have to force the point.

The end of the earphones rolls up against the case when inserted…

The case doesn’t have any kind of recessed area on the side of the case where the headphone jack is located, so the jack is difficult to insert. The case also causes the rubber around the base of the case to rise up and roll back a bit.

…and causes the earphones to pop out, stopping playback

After a while, the rubber returns to its original position on the jack, and causes the headset to come out of the jack, stopping the device from playing music.

Trying to remove the Nano from the case…

Getting the Nano out of the case isn’t easy.  You really have to force it  to get it to move.

Trying to remove the Nano from the case. Not easy…

If that doesn’t work, you have to old either side of the case and pry it backwards, forcing the case open a bit.  This allows the device to move, and come out a little easier; but you risk bending the case and ruining it.

Price: As reviewed, the Vaja iVolution Grip Case for the 4G iPod Nano is $44.00 USD.  The base price for the case is a reasonable $30.00 USD.

What She Liked: The look and feel of the case. Its very luxurious and rich. We were both very impressed with the looks of the case.

What needs Improvement: The leather used is very thin and scuffed and cut easily.  After just under 3 weeks of use, the case has at least 4 spots on it where the leather has been damaged. The case was never abused or mistreated. The case was very difficult to get on and off the Nano. The case needs a small recession on the bottom to accommodate the headphone jack.

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