Waterfield Travel Case for Kindle Review

Waterfield Travel Case for Kindle2

I love Waterfield’s cases. They are well built, have nice style and, most importantly, are super functional. I use one of their cases with my MacBook, and have one for my HP2140. Fortunately for all Kindle fans, they offer a nice selection of cases for the Kindle 1, Kindle 2 and will have some for the Kindle DX shortly after it is released this summer.

I’ve used the Waterfield Travel Case for a while now and find it to be “typical Waterfield”. That’s a good thing. Let’s take a look.

Their Description:

Waterfield Travel Case for Kindle2

Judge this Book By its Cover!  When you’re traveling or when you want to keep your Kindle gear all together and quickly accessible—go for the thin and easy to pack Travel Case. Whichever you choose, we’ve got you covered.

My Take:


Size – 9.8″ x 9.0″ x 1.8″

Weight – 7 oz

The Travel Case takes a different approach to protecting the Kindle than some of the other options available.


While Waterfield also offers “book-style” cases, the Travel Case is a zippered pouch meant specifically for CARRYING the reader. It looks similar in style, but smaller, that the Muzetto “man bag” that Larry posted on earlier this week (although it is made from water-resistant cloth rather than leather).


The case had one large central compartment with three small, cloth pouches, inside. Rubberized, bumpy material on the bottom and sides helps make the case feel super strong. A sturdy zipper keeps it closed and prevents items from spilling out.

The interior of the bag a laid out quite nicely.

Waterfield Travel Case

The main interior sections of the pouch is sized for holding the Kindle with or without a “book-style” case on it and holds the reader either vertically or horizontally but allows the Kindle to shift quite a bit.

Waterfield Travel Case for Kindle2

The larger of the three interior pockets can hold the Kindle vertically but only without a case on it. It, however, keeps the Kindle from moving a bit. All three interior pouches open toward the top for easy access and are made out of a soft material that will not scratch the items placed in the.

Another pocket can be found on the exterior of the bag. It has a main pocket and two smaller ones. These, however, are not made from the soft material.

Waterfield Travel Case

Tabs on either corner allow for the connection of the shoulder strap.

The Travel Case is usual Waterfield… well designed, beautifully constructed and totally functional. It isn’t the kind of case I would use daily since it is a much better option to keep a book cover case on it and put it in my briefcase but… for traveling it is perfect since it holds the Kindle, accessories and a few more necessities. Perfect… except for one thing… one day a few months ago I was using a small vertical bag to carry my MacBook and some of my High School students hastled me for using a Murse (Man Purse). If that was Murse-esque this CERTAINLY is. That isn’t a reason not to use it but… don’t say you haven’t been warned.

My In-laws are headed for an African safari this Monday and my mother-in-law is stealing borrowing my Kindle.  This is the bag she will be taking it in. If that isn’t an endorsement I’m not sure what is!

What I Like-

Great design

Terrific construction

Highly functional

What Needs Improvement-

Nothing BUT if you are a guy and plan to use it you had better be secure in your masculinity!

The Travel Case costs $49 is is available from Waterfield, and is available in black, blue, brown, green, red and silver. The shoulder strap is $5 extra.

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