Waterfield Designs’ CitySlicker Brings Style and Minimalist Protection to Your MacBook Air

Waterfield Designs' CitySlicker Brings Style and Minimalist Protection to Your MacBook Air
If you are going to have something as thin and light as a MacBook Air, then why in the world would you carry it in a big bulky bag? You wouldn’t, and with Waterfield’s new CitySlicker, you don’t have to.
The CitySlicker is a “Slim, Modern Case for the MacBook Air” that provides 3-layers of protection for the MBA while maintaining the thin, light look and feel of the diminutive laptop. As Gary Waterfield, company founder, explains,

The MacBook Air is unbelievably thin, and we wanted to enhance that look rather than detract from it. The challenge was to design something sleek with hard-case protection, while keeping it compact, and to create a look that works on weekdays as well as weekends. We added a rugged, distressed leather flap to complete the ‘old-world meets modern’ look we were after.

The case’s protection comes from the use of three different layers of protection: impact-resistant plastic, high-grade neoprene, and a padded liner. The three combine to create a case that is thin, light and protective at the same time.

Waterfield Designs' CitySlicker Brings Style and Minimalist Protection to Your MacBook Air

The main body of the case is constructed of ballistic nylon. A distressed, leather flap snaps into place, giving an otherwise ultra-modern case a classic, old-world twist. Beneath the flap is an accessory “nook”. It has four different pockets, each made from a thin, stretch material that holds the items inside in place. On the back is a back, semi-opaque pocket with a self-locking zipper. It is perfect for stowing a magazine or a few papers or accessories.

What I like about the CitySlicker case, other than the fact that, because it is from Waterfield I know it will be well-made and ultra-usable, is the fact that the optional add-ons can turn it into a mini-briefcase. While you CAN use it like a protective folio, adding a handle, a strap, or both will turn it into something even more useful and flexible. That would be my recommendation if this case is in your future!

Available directly from sfbags.com in four colors: black, chocolate, grizzly and camel, the CitySlicker for the MacBook Air 11″ is $129 without the handle and $139 with the handle. The 13″ MacBook Air is $139 without the handle and $149 with it. D-rings add $5, D-rings and a Waterfield Simple Strap is $12. D-rings and a Suspension Shoulder Strap add $22 to the price. You can pre-order now here at sfbags.com. Shipping begins May 28, 2012.

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