Probably Fake (but funny) Houston Airport Homeland Security Urinal Monitor sticker

homeland security urinal camera.jpg

File this one under “probably fake but still funny” and “guys have a lot of free time on their hands”. According to web site, one restroom patron at the Houston Hobby airport noticed a sticker on the urinal stating “Automatic infrared flush sensors also provide video monitoring for security purposes”:

The camera appeared to be in the same panel that carried the flush sensor… a brushed metal panel with an oval shaped dark transparent glass with a red on it. . . .

And this panel was located just above the urinal itself. Given how close the user of the urinal would be to the flush sensor and camera, it’s probably designed to monitor people walking in/out/around the bathroom, not the user of the urinal. But still freaky!

As one Slashdot commenter so aptly stated – “I’m sure this is a prank. Since this is generating bad publicity for the DHS, they will probably catch the person who put these stickers on the urinals after reviewing the video from the real, covert hidden cameras they have covering the urinals.”

Swamplot via Slashdot

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