ModelBaker Promises Fast iPhone & Android App Development

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So you’ve got your iPhone all up and running on 3.0, eh?  Maybe it’s now time to finally “mobilize” your website or application, but you are not a programmer.  Widget Press has you covered with a rapid application development tool called ModelBaker, which provides a drag-and-drop interface that will create an application for iPhones or Android devices without coding.

ModelBaker Promises Fast iPhone & Android App Development

ModelBaker promises the ability to make any database driven website into an iPhone or Android-friendly application with just a few clicks.  ModelBaker is marketed to everyone from the software developer to complete web novices.  One of the product’s markets are K-12 schools and universities, where teachers are able to give students access to class information right from their iPhone/iPod Touch.


If you have an existing database, ModelBaker will let you quickly create a data-driven application through it’s visual interface.  Again, with no coding.

ModelBaker Video Demo:  10 Minute Overview

Widget Press has more Screencast Tutorials available covering everything from Setup to Advanced App Building.

MSRP: ModelBaker has a 30-Day Free Demo.  The software starts at $399.00 for a single user license, and has additional packages all the way to a 100-user enterprise license.  Educational discounts are also available.

ModelBaker requires using a Mac computer, so be sure to check out system requirements.

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