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As noted in my original article when the game was released, Myst is a classic adventure game released for the Mac in 1993 that was the best-selling PC game for a very long time until the arrival of the Sims franchise. Aside from being the ‘killer app’ that was largely responsible for the CD-ROM drive gaining traction in the marketplace. Since the initial Mac release and follow-up PC release, the game was re-released on the PC as a fully 3D game, got a series of sequels and even a (failed) online game, and more recently been released for the DS & PSP handhelds. The version for the iPhone / iPod Touch was released just over a month ago, so how does it compare?

The Hype:
The new version promises the best graphics yet for any version of the original Myst, and the game’s feature set boasts:
– All the original Ages & gameplay
– High quality images (better than original Myst)
– Full music & sound effects
– Original movies & animations
– Auto-save (when quitting or phone call)
– “Bookmark” system to save & restore progress
– Swipe to turn
– Auto-zoom in certain close-up areas
– Quick access to hint guide

The Reality:
Everything the said about the game is true. On the one hand you have classic Myst, but on the other you have a thoroughly modern-feeling iPhone game that seems perfectly optimized for the device. Too often I have seen games that have come from other handheld devices or PDA’s that feel like they were hacked to work on the iPhone interface.

As a game, there is little more to say about Myst. It is an all-time gaming classic for a reason. Unlike so many games that were innovative at one time but sadly dated in retrospect, Myst captures the essentials of the point & click adventure game genre. It ties together visual clue hunting, puzzles, mystery, mythology, and more. You are given clues but need to pay attention – it is one of the few games where you will really benefit from taking notes!

The visual and audio presentation are outstanding. The game looks and sounds better than ever, as everything has been enhanced and optimized for the iPhone. Controlling the game is incredibly simple – you simply tap to move and swipe to turn and touch the screen to interact with various objects. It takes an already intuitive interface and makes it even easier.

The App Store notes have been updated with the release of the OS 3.0 software: you are still warned about the size of the download, and an added caution warns you to download via computer rather than over-the-air. One change is while the game is still ~750MB, you no longer need 1.5GB available space to install. Optimizations have made it so you only need ~1GB according to the App Store. I have not yet tried to remove and reinstall the game to see if that figure is accurate, but since the original figures were correct I have no reason to doubt the revision.

Myst is one of those games that seems to have been around forever, yet feels fresh when a new version arrives. The iPhone version is a reminder of how a classic adventure remains a classic despite the passage of time. I thoroughly enjoyed my return trip, but it also has plenty to offer those who haev never played. So if you have yet to play Myst, now is the perfect opportunity to pick up the best version yet at an amazingly low price … as I said before, this is quite a bit of gaming for $5.99!

Where to Buy: Buy Myst at iTunes App Store

Price: $5.99

What I Like:
– Classic adventure game
– Looks great
– Intuitive controls
– Same game at 1/5 the price of last year’s DS game!

What Needs Improvement:
– Massive game can dominate iPhone/iPod Touch storage

And once again I am going to post the YouTube link from AppVee so you can get a feel for the gameplay and gorgeous graphics and sound Myst has to offer.

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