Squibs Arcade for iPhone/iPod Touch Review


Remember those fun little “keychain” LCD games  that you probably played as a kid?  Maybe one was even your first taste of the “gaming” experience.

Squibs Arcade, from Chillingo, for the iPhone and iPod Touch lets you relive the games you remember all over again.

The application features seven games that each takes you back to a time when games were simple, addictive and most of all fun.

At launch, the game loads quickly and your greeted with the main menu.


Here you can jump right into a game, view the game’s options or exit back to your home screen.


Then game’s options include a scoreboard for high scores and the ability to reset the scores if you so choose.

You can also toggle on or off the game’s music and other sounds.

You can view the credits or return back to the main menu.


Squibs Arcade includes 7 games and each one looks different from the other.

The first game is “Crowd Wader”.

In this game you have maneuver your player through the crowds while trying to swipe the merchant’s purse.


Next is “We’re Fat” in which the goal is to avoid the falling cakes while eating the carrots.


Then there’s “Fantasy Turn Base” where you try to live through as many monster battles as you can.


The fourth game is “Carboard Axel Mush.”

In this game you try to sneak past guards while hiding behind cardboard boxes.


Fifth is “Gun Cogs.”

Collect the cogs without getting shot to pieces.


The sixth game is “Regret the Fist”.

In this game you simply dodge enemy attacks.


And finally there’s “Call of Honor.”


Each game starts with it’s own individual menu where you can view instructions on how to play the game as well as change the in game settings.


Priced at only .99 cents Squibs Arcade is a very affordable way to pick up multiple games.

The games are simple to play and that’s not always a bad thing.  Even my kids have been getting a kick out of playing all of them.

You can find Squibs Arcade in the iTunes App Store.

Note, Squibs Arcade requires iPhone software 2.2.1 or later.

M.S.R.P. – .99 Cents

What I like – 7 games for only .99 cents.

What I don’t like – Won’t appeal to everyone.

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