CozyHoze Boss Management System Review

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I have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea over two years ago.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea is where your airway closes off while you sleep causing you to stop breathing.  CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure is the best therapy for the moment.  It uses a blower and a mask system to blow air into you as you breath in.  This helps keep the airway clear so that you don’t stop breathing and you don’t wake up.

As a Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferer there are many frustrations.  The first one is the mask and you just kind of have to get used to that.  Next is the hose.  I was constantly rolling over on top of the hose at night and either feeling the ribs of the hose or waking up with a imprint on my are from laying on it.  Well, my friend Bret from Pur-Sleep has come up with something that resolves this issue with the CozyHoze Boss Management System.


What this is, essentially, is 2 spring loaded pulley like devices with a velcro strap that goes around the hose and a hook that attaches to the wall.


When you bed down for the night, the pulleys pull the hose up and holds it up and out of the way no matter which way I lie, even on my side, the hose is kept up and out if my way.  You forget about the hose most of the time.  Now if they could figure out how to make you forget about the mask, everyone could be 100 percent compliant very easily.


The CozeHoze system is one that is designed to go with you.  It uses 3M command strip adhesive to affix it to the wall and even comes with alcohol pads to clean the spot you need to mount the hook.  Just make sure when you remove it that you pull the command strip until it comes off and do not pull the hook or you will have what you see below.


This is something I wish I had thought of and I wish that had more exposure.  CPAP compliance is not a easy thing for some people.  Some people give up and just deal with all of the extra health problems and the fact they will not get restful sleep.  You have to be determined to use your therapy or you will give up.  It is nice to see someone is coming out with a product that solves a problem that might cause someone new to the therapy to give up.  Plus it is also not expensive like so much equipment is with regards to CPAP therapy.  A six month refresh of equipment including a new hose, filters, and a new mask runs a little over  $300 without insurance depending on the mask.  If your insurance is like mine, then you only pay a portion of this, but my deductible is $200.  Well, with CozeHoze, there’s no worries about paying for it as it only costs $19.99 on the Pur-Sleep website.  For the price of a large fast food dinner for a family, you can be less annoyed be the hose and more apt to use your therapy.  For me, it is well worth the price.

What I liked: Easy install and keeps the hose up and out of the way.  You almost forget about your hose.

What needs improvement: Nothing.

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