Gear Diary’s 2017 Health and Fitness Gift Guide for 2017

Here at Gear Diary, we know that your gear extends beyond just your smartphone and tablet. Once in a while, you sometimes like to get outside and see the sun, as you’ve heard it’s quite nice. Or maybe you know someone who does this thing called “exercise”, and you need some gift ideas.

Either way, we’ve got you covered with our official Health and Fitness Gift Guide for 2017!

Gear Diary's 2017 Health and Fitness Gift Guide for 2017

Tech gear:

Fitbit: Yea, everyone and their brother has one. But if anyone on your list doesn’t yet, or they’re still rocking a Fitbit Flex from 5 years ago, these are worth a look. Plus, you can often find them at Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other places that take all sorts of mega-coupons. Prices range from $59.95 to $299, depending on features.

Nokia Body Cardio: Because scales that can only tell you your weight are soo 2007 … The  $179.95 Nokia Body Cardio tracks yours (and up to 7 other family members) BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass, cardiovascular health via heart rate, a daily weather forecast, and yes — your weight (accurate to 0.2 pounds). It has a rechargeable battery, and it connects to the Nokia Health Mate app via WiFi so that all of your historical progress is saved.

Apple Watch: It’s been refined further, and has more and more health and fitness tricks. Rumor has it that the watch can even diagnose sleep apnea. The best part, though, is that with the plethora of accessories like watch bands, you can get in on an Apple Watch gift without breaking the bank. Starts at $329.

Fossil Q: We just reviewed this hybrid smartwatch, and it’s a great choice for someone who wants the benefits of a fitness tracker and smartwatch notifications but still looks for some style. The Q line starts at $95, the Fossil Q we reviewed is $175.

Trekz Air by Aftershokz: These are Bluetooth headphones with a twist-they sit outside your ears, so you hear the music via bone conduction. The benefit is that this leaves your ears open, and if you’re running, biking, or walking outdoors, you can still hear what is happening around you. $149 from AfterShokz, and worth every penny.

Airpods: Yea, we had to keep them on the list, though there are less expensive and better headphones from Beats if you really want headphones made by Apple. $159 for Airpods, $99 and up for Beats.

Nokia Steel: If you don’t want to wear a huge smartwatch to track your steps and sleep, look at the Nokia Steel. $129.95 gets you a fitness and sleep tracker that looks like a dress watch. Pair it with the Nokia Health Mate app, and enjoy keeping track of your progress!

Clothing and shoes:

Brooks: We looked at the Brooks Levitates recently, and they are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a neutral all around running shoe. Brooks has a pretty phenomenal lineup across the board, though, so no matter what types of shoes the runner on your list needs, they probably have a shoe for them. A good pair of running shoes from any brand is usually $50 and up.

Hoka One Ones: These shoes look insane, but users swear by them for comfort and solid support. $80 and up.

C9 at Target: Yea, it doesn’t have the flashiness of Lululemon or the brand coolness of Under Armor, but C9 gear is tough, inexpensive, and covers just about all your fitness needs. From sports bras to running pants, C9 is an excellent budget workout gear choice. Prices vary but are quite competitive.

Socks: Look, if you work out a lot, you have a lot of stinky socks and always need more. Stuff the stockings of the athlete on your list with Bombas, Smartwool, and other high-end socks. Expect to spend $12 and up per pair.

SPIbelt: Not all workout clothes have a pocket, but you need something on hand to hold your phone, ID, and other sundries. SPIbelt is the gold standard here, hands down. They start at $19.99 and come in just about any color you need.

Hat: Everyone loves a good hat. It blocks the sun, absorbs heat, and makes a fashion statement. I’m partial to Legacy’s version of the trucker hat, but you know your giftee better than me. Assume around $19 and up for a good hat.

Compression gear: All that working out can be tough on muscles, and compression gear can help with bloodflow and recovery. They come as calf sleeves, socks, arm sleeves, etc. These can be as cheap as $9.99, but can get very pricey quickly.

Gear Diary's 2017 Health and Fitness Gift Guide for 2017Nutrition and related gear:

BlenderBottle: There’s several variations on this, but basically it’s a bottle with a whisk or small wire ball inside to help mix powder and liquid more easily. Handy to have, and helps avoid that chalky last sip from unincorporated protein powder. Start at $9.99

Protein sampler pack: Most major protein brands offer sample packs, which is a great stocking stuffer and easy way for someone to try multiple flavors and determine what’s best for them. Can’t go wrong with a brand like Naked Nutrition and their sampler pack of whey, casein, goat milk, pea and rice packets for $14.99.

Nuun tablets: Nuun tablets add electrolytes and flavor to water, sometimes with caffeine as well. They’re very low calorie (10-15 calories per tablet) making them an excellent and healthier alternative to Gatorade. $5-7 per tube and deals can often be found on larger cases.

Hydroflask: A good water bottle is a must, and Hydroflask is phenomenal. Liquids stay cold for hours, and the bottles, while heavy, are pretty much indestructible. They come in multiple sizes and colors, so, again, the perfect stocking stuffer. Starts at $25, though bargain hunters can probably find them cheaper.

Gu Energy: Endurance athletes often need to eat on the run, and these types of products are designed to be quick and easy to eat. And like protein powders, you can get multiple flavors to sample before committing to a full box. $1.99 and up per item, cases available.

Food scale: If you’re trying to eat healthy, a food scale is a must. Weighing your food is far more accurate than squinting and guessing what a cup looks like, and the scale helps to fulfill the old adage “Abs are made in the gym, but found in the kitchen”.

Magic Bullet/Vitamix: A good blender is a must have. Magic Bullet is great if you’re making small batches, and Vitamix is great if you need to blend everything from kale to a porterhouse steak. Magic Bullet is $39.99, and Vitamix starts at $249.

Home gym equipment:

Yoga mat: These are useful for more than just yoga-anytime you’re working out at home and you need a non-slip surface, a yoga mat comes in handy! $15.99 for thin ones, and then expect to pay more for thickness and other luxuries.

Rowing machine: Some cardio machines can be bulky (think treadmills) but rowers can be folded up and stuck in a closet. This is something of a “you get what you paid for” category, but some bargains can definitely be found with some judicious shopping. Prices here are really all over the place but assume $300+ for anything decent.

TRX suspension straps: Suspension straps are perfect for a home gym. They can be mounted permanently from a sturdy spot, or secured via a closed door, and they can give you a full body workout without the need for extensive equipment. These are $199 but can replace a lot of home equipment.

Kettlebells: They look like cannonballs with handles, but a few of them can be all you need for a solid workout. Pair a few sizes of kettlebell with a copy of “Simple and Sinister” for a perfect combo gift! Prices depend heavily on weight, but look for deals around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, as sometimes you can snag decent ones for as low as $1/lb.

Dumbbells: Depending on space, you can find a full set of dumbbells, or you can go minimalist with adjustable dumbbells. Either way, these can provide a great workout in a tight space. Again, prices vary depending on the weights you need, but assume over $100 for a decent variety.

Pullup bar: Stick it in a doorway. Hang off it. Hang a TRX off it. Walk by it and tap it once in a while and tell yourself someday you’re really going to use it. Around $30 for a decent bar, but make sure you have a doorway that can fit it!

These are just a few ideas for the athletes and health-conscious folks on your list … if we missed anything let us know in the comments!

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