Match 3D Flick Puzzle iPhone Review

The iPhone has grown to become a great gaming platform.  While many of the new games are ports from console games, puzzle games have always been great for the phone.  One reason I have found puzzle games to be great is the casual nature of the games.  Sitting in a waiting room, riding a bus, bored with five minutes to kill… Many reasons casual games are well suited for iPhone users.  Match 3D Flick Puzzle takes this very full genre and adds a refreshing twist.The game will be familiar as it follows many puzzle matching games.  Line up 3 or more matching tiles to explode them from the board and watch the other tiles shift to fill the void.  As I said, we have seen this style of game many times.  We have never seen this style of game on a 3D cube! The cube consists of 8 rows and columns of cubes for a total of 512!

Multiple game play options are available mixing timed and non-timed games.  My favorite is the continuous casual mode.  I am able to play for a while then simply close the app when I need to move on.  When the game is reopened, the game can resume just where I left it.  This has put great strains on my battery the past two days!

The 512 cubes that make up the game will blow up and clear even if they are hidden deep inside the main cube.  This is due to a realistic gravity system.  Cubes cleared on the four sides are replaced by the rows dropping downward.  When working on the tip of the cube, new tiles are dropped straight down into the vacant spots.  On the flip side, (literally) cleared cubes are replaced with new ones dropping straight down into the holes.  Basically, there are 6 different puzzles being played at once that all interact with the movement.  Once a chain reaction starts, cubes that are not even visible come into play and make for some exciting bonuses.  Cubes that are not able to move as well as clear cubes that will not explode.  At higher levels there seems to be more of these, creating a more challenging game.

To move between sides of the big cube simply flick the puzzle with your finger.  The movement was created for the iPhone and the actions feel very native.  Spin it, turn it, even zoom in and out with a pinch.  Shake the phone to spin the cube to a random point.  The game has a great feel for the iPhone.

As the game moves forward and becomes full of immovable cubes or clear cubes and there does not seem to be a move, several special moves are unlockable that aid the game to play on.  My favorite is the randomly reorder all of the cubes.  This usually results in a huge chain reactions and a refresh in the cube alignments.

The bottom line is, this is a fantastic game!  Anyone with casual gaming time will enjoy Match 3D Flick Puzzle.  If you want to see how to take puzzle games to the next level check this one out!  It is available in the app store for $3.99. If you are not sure, try the free version first here. Beware, once you play it the full version is a must!

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