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Everything goes better with Bluetooth… or so you would think with the proliferation of Bluetooth enabled devices. One of the more innovative uses of the technology isn’t a headset but it does extend your cell phone.  .

Here’s the scenario- you don’t have your phone in your pocket and can’t be seen holding it in your important meeting. Unfortunately you also are expecting an important phone call. What are you to do? Well, with the Bluetooth Bracelet from LM Technologies you can slip on the bracelet and, so long as you are no more than 30 feet from your phone, you will silently be notified when a new call comes in. From there it is as simple as excusing yourself for a moment.

MobileFunUK was kind enough to send one to this side of the pond so we could take a closer look.


The Bluetooth Wrist band is a revolutionary product that gives the user discreet and increased awareness of an incoming mobile phone call by vibrating. The Bluetooth Wrist band is a user friendly device that can be connected and working in minutes.


  • Vibrating alert for incoming calls
  • Proximity vibration alert when mobile is 5 metres away

Product specification:

  • Bluetooth specification: version 1.2 – compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2
  • Bluetooth profile supported: headset and hands free profile

My Take-

This is one of those rather unusual items but you certainly can live without but still… it is rather interesting and unique anyway.

The product comes in a small metal tin.

Inside is a USB wall charger a short charging cable and the Bluetooth bracelet itself. Embrace was charged by plugging it into the small charging port on the side. The battery takes about two hours to fully charge and after that you’re good to go.

In order to pair the bracelet with your cell phone you go through the normal procedure for connecting any Bluetooth headset to a cell phone. Turn on the bracelet while holding the power button for a full 4 seconds. The pairing light will begin to flash green and blue. Turn on yourself a Bluetooth, could in pairing mode, wait for it to find the bracelet, and input the passcode. The bracelet will flash five times and then go into standby. That’s all it takes.

From that point the bracelet will monitor your cell phone when it is up to 10 m, roughly 30 feet, or wait. I call comes in the bracelet will vibrate in the red LED flashes. Depending on your cell phone settings you’ll either have to rush to the phone to take the message or check the voice message that was left because you get to the phone and time.


Overall I really like the idea. There are times when I leave my cell phone on my desk and I won’t know that it received a call because I missed hearing the call coming in. This could immediately alleviate such an issue. Unfortunately in actual use I found that it did not work at nearly the quoted distance. Within five or ten feet I was okay most of the time but after that it disconnected. Others have reported issues with constant loss of signal as well but I should note that another review on the site indicates no issues at all.

Whether or not the bracelet is for you is really a matter of aesthetics. While it isn’t “unattractive” it certainly isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to appearances. In addition while the clasp is made from stainless steel it doesn’t feel all that sturdy and I can imagine bending and breaking after a short period of time.

What I do think is that the company is onto something here. I can imagine using a lapel pin or some sort of button. The bracelet however, not my thing.

What I Like- Does what it says for the most part, good standby time, neat idea

What I Don’t- Range not what is quoted, some issues with disconnecting, clasp is a bit flimsy

The Bluetooth Wrist Band is available from MobileFun for 21.85 pounds or about $36 US dollars.

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