ABContacts for iPhone Review

ABContacts for iPhone Review

Mail and SMS are sent using the built-in apps. We are sorry but with the current iPhone software development kit it’s not possible to send sms to more than one contact.

We all have the same situation.  Here is mine:  I coach three varsity sports.  Believe it or not, coaches are in constant contact.  Whether it be scheduling or getting a scouting reports, I need groups for the coaches I contact in each sport.  Also, with today’s technology, we always have numbers and emails for all of our athletes.  Changes in practice times or games are now as simple as a mass email to pass the word.  I often thought all of this would be so much easier if the ability to make groups was available.

From the developer:

This app has more or less the same features of the built-in Contacts app but it adds the features to manage contact groups.
NOW with Quick Actions to send email to all group contacts or to call, email or SMS a contact.

And it works with the same archive so everything you do in ABContacts Lite will be visible in Contacts and Phone app and conversely.

You don’t need to use your computer and than sync the phone to create groups and assign or remove contacts to groups.
Since you can even manage contacts, with the same user interface of the built in Contacts app, you can even use ABContacts Lite as your only Contacts application.

The app is available in English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Português.


  • Create, rename and delete group of contacts;
  • Edit groups membership of a contact;
  • Quick action to send an email to all group members;
  • Assign and remove contacts to groups with a fast and simple interface;
  • Create, edit and remove contacts with the same user interface as the Contacts builtin app;
  • Uses the same preferences of Contacts app.
  • Search when adding multiple contacts to group;
  • Quick action to call, send email or send sms to a contact;

I have come to collect contacts.  Almost anyone I am in contact with is in my iPhone contact list.  My list has grown to over 200.  I am sure some of yours might even be larger.  Yes, the contacts are search-able, but being able to search them in groups is so much better.

ABContacts Lite solves all of the above issues.  This is a very simple app.  Create groups and manage contacts between those groups.  That is it!!  Now you can create work lists or maybe a list of parents who are volunteering for a student outing.  Whatever you need, simply create the group and add contacts.  Contacts can be a part of multiple groups and moved at anytime.

When a group is created, all of the contacts are available.  Simply check contacts to add to that group.  Adding contacts to multiple groups and look up any numbers or email addresses included.  Once in the group choose to call or text a contact.  If your contacts include email addresses, send a mass email.  Sending a mass text is not currently an option.  I would really love to have this work!

Any changes made to contacts as well as adding groups is usable in the native contacts app or any other contact app (FastContacts for example).  ABContacts Lite can do anything the native app can do and more.  I have moved it to my homepage as my primary contact app.  The best part, get ABContacts Lite FREE in the app store.  The paid version of the app adds a few more features, but the Lite version is great on its own merit.

What I like: GROUPS!  Enough said!

What I don’t: The ability to send mass SMS to an entire group with one click would be very useful to me.  I think this is an Apple issue not an app issue though.

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