Convergence in Da-Club – Case-Mate Credit Card Case


Everyone knows I love convergence devices. From my iPhone to my clock radio to my dock/card reader. Why shouldn’t convergence carry over to iPhone cases?

Case-Mate sure thinks it should. They’ve recently released a new case they’re calling the “ID/Credit Card Case.”

This slim fitting case, which comes in a ton of colors acts as part case part wallet. How does the case do as both protector and card carrier?

The ID/Credit Card Case comes in a bunch of cool colors. Royal Green, Royal Red, Royal Blue, Black, Metallic Silver, Green, Purple and Hot Pink.

Screen shot 2009-09-14 at 4.29.49 PM.png

Each case comes bundled with a crystal clear screen protector.

The case itself is very similar to the Barely There, one of Case Mate’s best sellers. It’s only 2.5mm thicker than the Barely There as well.  Since it’s not much more than a back cover the case doesn’t offer much in the way of shock and impact protection.  It does however do a good job of protecting the back of the phone from scratches and nicks.

The phone is inserted into the case button side first and then the back of the case is snapped around the phone.

Like most snap on back covers only part of the chrome is covered by the case.


There is a full cut out on the top of the case leaving access to the sleep/awake button, SIM card slot and headset jack.


The bottom of the phone is fully exposed as well which allows you access to the dock connector without removing the phone from the case.


The case also has a nice sized cut out for the vibrate switch and volume rocker.


The cut out for the camera lens on the back of the case lines up as you’d expect.


The key feature of this case however is the storage slot on the back that allows you to carry additional items along with your phone.


You can piggy back credit cards (2 or 3) cash, ID etc in the case’s pouch on the back.


Watch as Emily from Case-Mate shows of the ID/Credit Card case on video.

The ID/Credit Card Case (I think Case-Mate needs to come up with a catchier name for this don’t you?) is nice and slim in the hand.  It fits the phone very well and doesn’t creak or slide around when on.

Although I personally couldn’t see using this case every day I do see the value it possesses for those wanting to bring their phone along with a few essential items with them.  Trips to the gym and club though would be the perfect time to use a case like this.

You can learn more about the ID/Card Case by visiting the Case-Mate website.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – slim profile, has pocket for ID/Cards etc.

What I don’t like – nothing.

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