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September 15, 2009 • Reviews

Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Review


If you have to send large numbers of snail-mail, a dedicated label printer may be just the thing for you. If you want speed and flexibility in your label printer, then the Dymo 450 Twin Turbo is definitely worth a look.

While having a dedicated label printer with two different bays that hold two different sizes and types of labels may sound like overkill, it isn’t. In fact, it makes life even simpler by allowing a degree of flexibility that can save the time of switching from one type of label to another. For example, one side can have address labels while the other can print stamps.

Here’s a quick look…

From Dymo-

Increase your labeling and mailing efficiency. The DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo label printer holds two label rolls – and lets you get more labeling and mailing done in less time. Print address labels and USPS-approved DYMO Stamps™ postage* without swapping label rolls. Or print large batches faster by loading two rolls of the same label – the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo automatically switches to the second roll when the first runs out. Print up to 71 labels per minute.** Say goodbye to sheet-label hassles, and expensive ink and toner. And use the included software to print labels directly from text in popular software programs, verify US addresses and ZIP+4 codes, and much more.

In the Box-
–Label Printer
–DYMO Software (It works with both Windows and Mac OS X)
–USB Cable
–Power Cord
–Starter rolls of address labels and postage labels

The Printer-


The Label Printer itself has a nice curved design. It looks a bit futuristic, but not to the degree that it would stick out in a stuffy office.

There are no visible buttons except for the form-feed buttons on the front (they also serve of indicator lights). The top opens without a handle or lock/unlock mechanism. All this contributes to the printer’s sleek design.


The Bottom offers two cutouts that allows the power and usb cords to pass through.


Lifting the top reveals to bays for two different types of labels. The spindles that hold the labels easily lift out. This makes changing labels a breeze. If you do run into trouble there are visual instructions permanently affixed inside.

In short, the design is appealing and makes an other-wise boring (but useful) device a bit more interesting.



The actual process of printing labels centers on Dymo’s own software, which is creatively known as Dymo Label Version 8. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Unfortunately all the machines in my house are now running OS X Snow Leopard. I like the updated OS a great deal, but unfortunately the Dymo software is one of the victims of the update and won’t be supported until the new release of an update. While I used the Dymo 450 TwinTurbo prior to updating to Snow Leopard and was impressed by its speed and ease of use, I can’t go in and do a software walk-through until the update is released.


That will happen some time in the next weeks. Fortunately Bryan over on The Gadgeteer has an excellent walk-through of the software that is worth the read. In the meantime it is safe to say that anyone ordering the device now will likely only have to wait a few days before the update is available.

iPhone Friendly-


A killer feature of the Dymo Printer is its recent update to work with… the iPhone via the Print & Share app.

The app is a multi-function app that lets you print images, emails and documents right from your iPhone to a networked printer. The ap requires your computer to be running the free WePrint Helper software but, once loaded on your computer, the process is self-explanatory.

In addition to printing labels when the app is used with the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo you can manage lists and databases, pull information from contact lists and emails and design labels.

It is just another great example of the iPhone integrating into other aspects of life and work.

The app is $6.99 in the App Store.

The Dymo LabelWiter 450 Twin Turbo is available from Dymo for an MSRP of $209.99.

What I Like-

Sleek design, easy to use, low profile, convenient, works with iPhone via Print&Share app

What Needs Improvement-

No power-button means it is drawing power whether you are using it or not.

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