Fall Asleep Comfortably with White Noise by Using Nightingale

The Nightingale was one of many highlights at CES, even more so at Showstoppers yesterday, and for good reason. The successfully funded Kickstarter product hopes to be THE sleep system you choose to purchase in 2017.

Fall Asleep Comfortably with White Noise by Using Nightingale

Developed by Cambridge Sound Management is the Nightingale, an advanced sleeping system designed to produce comfortable ambient sounds or blankets to effectively mask unwanted noise is the Nightingale. Using an outlet in your home, the plug-in appliance covers your pre-existing wall outlet and will allow the user to control remotely through the Nightingale app for iOS and Android to strategically give you ambient noise. This is great if you live next to a busy road, or just simply have trouble falling asleep at night without some sound in the background. With 15 different sound masking options to choose from, the user can select several nature sounds to ease them to sleep. Integrating with Amazon Alexa, you can preset the mood from your bed or any other room just by simply telling Alexa. One bonus is it works with Nest and IFTTT to do special things like alert you of weather and traffic updates so you’re ready for the day as soon as you wake up. It’s slim design can fit behind a nightstand, and with pass-through outlets, other appliances will be able to function as they would on a normal outlet.

Fall Asleep Comfortably with White Noise by Using Nightingale

Engineered for sleep, but tailored to your schedule you can schedule the Nightingale to turn on before bed, and off before you awake. Not only that, it works in all room types to help common problems like a snoring partner or tinnitus.

“We are extremely excited to bring our industry-leading technology to consumers with Nightingale and to revolutionize the sleep aid market,” said Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management. “Studies show that more than one in four Americans don’t get enough sleep – something that’s associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. Our goal with Nightingale is to ensure people everywhere get the sleep they need to live a happy, productive life.”

Restless sleepers around the nation can now pre-order Nightingale for $249 at meetnightingale.com. Kickstarter orders will ship in January, and pre-orders are expected to ship in February.

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