Baseball Superstars 2010 for iPhone Review

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Baseball Superstars from Gamevil was one of the very first sports games I loaded on my iPhone.  I’m a big fan of sports games and until its release there really wasn’t a good team sports game in the iTunes App Store.

Gamevil has followed up it super successful title with an all new version of the game.  Baseball Superstars 2010 features several new enhancements and features which make it one of the top baseball games available for the iPhone OS.

The game features a host of options and settings which you can configure based on your game preferences.

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You use the iPhone’s touch screen to scroll through the various actions and then simply tap on the one you wish to select.

The game’s options allow you to set a difficulty level, the pitch type, toggle sounds on or off, set the game’s speed, toggle vibrations on or off, choose the way you control game play and which way the game’s image is shown on your phone’s screen.

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Once you’re ready to play there are several game modes to choose from.  You can pick up a recent game, play a quick exhibition game, play in a league, a full season, home run race, missions or match play.

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Once you’ve chosen which type of game you’ll be playing it’s time to take the field.

Before the start of each half inning the scoreboard shows you the game’s details.  Who’s up to bat, who’s pitching, the score, news, game time, and the box score.

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When you’re on the mound you’ll have to control which pitches your pitcher throws.  You do this by first choosing the type of pitch you’ll throw.

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Then using the joy-stick you move the cursor to the position you want the ball to be thrown to.  Finally, when you’re ready you press the right button to throw the ball.

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Fielding is done via the joy-stick and tapping the specific base you want to throw the ball to.

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When you’re up to bat you also use the joy-stick to position your batter in the batter’s box.  The smaller right button is pressed to initiate a bunt while the larger button is used for swinging away.

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Once you reach base you can employ different base running strategies such as stealing, hit and run via the game’s controls.


Different game types reveal different options.  There are different bats, balls, shoes and hats, 10 competitive teams and 12 special characters.

BB SS Characters

The game itself has a penny arcade feel to it.  It’s not on the same level as some of the high-end sports games in the iTunes App Store (Madden, FIFA, NFL 2010) but that’s not to say it’s not a fun game.  The game offers a good baseball simulation experience and with 6 different game modes there’s always something to keep it fresh each time you return to play.

You can download Baseball Superstars 2010 in the iTunes App Store here.

M.S.R.P. – $5.99

What I like – good baseball simulator, 6 different game modes.

What I don’t like – Nothing

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