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I’ve tried a few external batteries for my iPhone 3Gs, but none of them have stuck.  The cases type (Mophie Jucie Pack Air, Incase Power Slider) are nice but I prefer to use a regular case most of the time and the case batteries result in a much larger phone profile.  The other choice, external batteries which plug into the bottom of the phone, are usually bulky or have an awkward connector.

The iON Power Pack from FSP Direct solves many of my external battery pet peeves.  It features a 1500 mAh battery in a super slim credit card sized shape.  It not only works to recharge my iPhone and iPod while on the go, but it comes with adapters which allow it to be used with most any electronic device that use less than 5v of power.

The iON Power Pack comes complete with the battery, carrying case and three connectors. You’ll find a USB female connector, an iPhone/iPod Connector and a standard Barrel Connector.


The battery pack itself has a black rubberized coating on it which makes it easy to hold.  It’s very light weight and quite easy to carry around in your pocket.


To charge up the iON you plug the device into one of your computer’s USB ports.  The USB cable on the iON is neatly hidden in its bottom.

The iON has a set of LEDs on the front to indicate charging is taking place but since the USB cable is located on the bottom of the device you have to charge it upside down and therefore can’t see the LEDs without turning it over.  Not a big deal, just odd.


The three blue LEDs on the front indicate how much charging time the battery pack has remaining.  The last LED turns red while charging the iON and green when it’s fully charged.

Ion Leds

In the testing I did I found that the iON consistently recharged my almost depleted iPhone battery to between 70-80% of full power.  Not as much power as some of the other external batteries on the market, but remember it’s 1/4 the size.


Priced at only $29.99 the iON Power Pack is one of the most affordable external batteries I’ve come across.  Couple that with the fact that you can use it to charge devices beyond just you iPhone and iPod and this one’s a keeper.

The iON Power Pack is available directly from the FSP Web Site.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – small, charges multiple devices, in-expensive.

What I don’t like – can’t see LEDs while recharging battery pack.

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