Agent18 Rolls Out Two New Cases For iPod Nano G5 – Review

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Sure it was a bummer that the new iPod touch didn’t add any camera. We all expected that it would be coming with a camera and perhaps even a GPS chip, but we got neither. At the same time, there was a significant advantage to the fact that there were no external changes to the new iPod touch. All of the cases, batteries and other accessories we had purchased for the second-generation device still worked. Yes, I also would have preferred to have a camera but being able to continue using accessories was certainly a nice benefit.

That’s not the case with the current generation iPod nano. While it is approximately the same size and weight as its predecessor it’s screen is slightly longer and it adds a video camera to the back. (a poor video camera but a video camera nonetheless.) That means it is time for a new series of accessories if you had the previous generation device. One of my favorite case companies, Agent 18, was kind enough to send two of their new iPod nano generation five cases. Let’s take a look.

ForceShield For iPod Nano G5


From The Company-

Creating a protective barrier between your iPod Nano and the outside world…that is what the Agent18 ForceShield is all about. This slim-fitting case serves as the first line of defense for your iPod Nano against the bumps and scrapes that life can throw at you. The durable, silicon shield provides a shock absorbing layer that is truly a force to be reckoned with.


Shock absorbing design
Lightweight, rugged protection
Shields against dirt, dust, and debris
Silicon material for flexibility and grip
Easy installation and removal
Full access to all ports, sensors, and switches


The first case I looked at was the brand-new ForceShield. It looks like carbon fiber but is actually a thick, flexible silicon material. It has a nice texture to it that give you good grip while not being overly rough. In order to get the iPod into the case you simply slide it from the bottom inside. It’s a tight enough fit to hold it firmly but not so tight that one has to struggle to get the device into the case. Once in the case the dock connector on the bottom and the sleep switch/hold at the top are fully exposed and accessible as is the click wheel.


The back has the company logo and a cutout for the new camera.

Unfortunately the screen is fully exposed as well and no screen protector is included. This seems to my mind to be a bit of an oversight. It is not enough to make me not purchase or use the case but I would have preferred if the company had included a screen protector.

In addition, at the upper edge of the screen the case was cut in such a way that a bit of a white line of the underlying material is exposed. Again this isn’t a big deal and this is an early version of the case but I would have preferred if this weren’t there either.

In all, however, if you’re looking for a case that will truly give him and bounce protection to the new iPod nano this is an excellent choice.

What I Like-
Good protection, easy to get the nano in and out

What Needs Improvement-
No screen protection, a slight issue with the trimming near the top of the screen

The ForceShield is available for pre-order fomr Agent 18 for $19.95.

NanoShield For iPod Nano G5


From The Company-

…”and we see your true colors shining through, and we see your true colors, and that’s why we love you”… and that is why you will love Agent18’s Clear NanoShield for the newest iPod Nano. The clear plastic is virtually invisible allowing the vibrant color of the iPod Nano to come through in full force. With complete access to all of functionality, ports, and switches…nothing is coming between you and your music….or video, or pedometer…



Clear, hard plastic case
Slim fit for no extra bulk
Shields from dirt, dust, and debis
Click-together design for protection from scratching
Easy installation and removal
Full access to all ports, switches, screens, and functionality


The Shield case is a clear, hard plastic. It comes in two parts that quickly, easily and securely clip around the iPod. Once inside it becomes a tight layer of protection. It also fully protects the screen as part of the case itself. I like the fact that the screen, the most vulnerable part of the new iPod, is fully protected in this case.


I also like the fact that it maintains the iPods slim light sleek design. It allows you to fully access every function on the new iPod without any loss of functionality but with it fully protected.


It leaves the dock connector…


and the hold switch exposed and easily accessible.

One challenge with the new case is that in order to remove it one needs to slide a coin or something else small and thin into two slots toward the top of nano and twist. It took a little bit of doing but once I got the knack of it he wasn’t too much of a problem. This is not, however, the type of case one would likely want to be putting on and off frequently. Overall it’s a great way to protect the delicate device although a bit pricey at just under $25.

What I Like-
Slim, great protection, protects screen

What Needs Improvement-
Hard to get off, $25

The NanoShield is available for pre-order from Agent 18 for $24.95.

I can see using both cases depending upon the activity. Since I suspect many of the people using the new nano are kids and teens having such great protection on the devices is a great idea. These are two good choices! I appreciate Agent 18 sending me these keeper-review units.

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