WaterField Zune HD Suede Case is thin, versatile and convenient


WaterField Zune HD Suede Case is thin, versatile and convenient

I’m a big fan of getting outside and walking. I find that listening to music or podcasts helps to pass the time, so like most people with MP3 players I always take my iPhone or Zune HD with me. I have recently started carrying my Zune HD because I love Zune Pass, which provides for nearly unlimited music downloads and automatically creates artist mixes – even from music I don’t own. WaterField’s new suede jacket is the perfect fit for my Zune HD. It’s thin enough to act as a shield and fits inside other WaterField cases.

The WaterField Zune HD Suede case isn’t the fanciest on the market. At $9/$13 (pocketless/pocket)  it’s  one of the most affordable, practical, and versatile. WaterField sent us one of the Suede cases with pockets for testing. After  the testing period we were not required to return the review sample.

The case that I tested and the one that I recommend is the $13 pocket model. Available in any color – so long as you want black – this case provides  just enough room for a credit card and some cash. I find this surprisingly handy when  heading out for a walk or run in shorts that may not have secure pockets.

WaterField Zune HD Suede Case is thin, versatile and convenient

The Palm Pre shipped with a similar soft case which I loved. What I like about these fabric cases are they easily fold so you can put it in a pocket when you aren’t using the case.

waterfield zune hd 3

The case design is thin, the suede material easily allows for inserting the Zune HD with case into your pocket. Of course you need to keep in mind that this is a slim case meaning there’s scant (if any) protection offered against bumps and drops.

WaterField Zune HD Suede Case is thin, versatile and convenient

Link: WaterField Zune HD Suede Case – $9 or $13 for case with pocket (recommended)

What I Liked:

– Slim design allows for storing Zune HD in pocket while in case
– Case has pouch for storing credit card and money
– Sturdy design/build

What Could Be Improved:

– Slim design offers limited protection to device
– Until case is broken in it takes two hands to remove/insert Zune HD
– Limited to only black color

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