Thrustmaster Sports Pack – Review

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I love the Wii I received for my birthday last year. I never cease to be amazing by its motion-sensing controls and the remarkable flexibility of the system.

I’m not a golfer in real life but on the Wii… love it.

I’m not a tennis player in real life… but in my den I sure am, thanks to the Wii.

Yes, with the Wii I can fight dragons, play tennis and then, minutes later start a workout routine. Until now, however, I used the Wii Remote and imagined it was a golf club, a tennis racket or a sword. Thanks to Thrustmaster’s Sports Pack however I no longer need to use such a degree of imagination.

For all the sport fanatics out there, the Sports Pack+ NW, compatible with Wii MotionPlus™*, is just for you. This multi-accessory pack is designed for use with the majority of sports games available for Wii™…

It consists of eight items that work interchangeably for a variety of games.

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One combination creates a tennis racket.

Thrustmaster Sports Pack 4.png

Another is perfect for pingpong (table tennis)

Thrustmaster Sports Pack 51.png

Another creates a sword.


Another is for golf…


A final combination can be used for jet skiing.

The kit is smartly designed and the pieces, while not the heaviest weight plastic, feel like they will endure a good bit of play. While you don’t NEED such a kit to play these various sports I have found that it adds significantly to the experience.

For an MSRP of $34.99 it is well worth the price considering what it adds to the experience.

Thanks to Thrustmaster for the review unit. I’ll be passing it on to my buddy Sam (he just had his 7th birthday) and we’ll see how a sports-crazed kid likes it!

For more information visit the Thrustmaster site.

What I Like-

Neat design lets various combinations of pieces create different sports equipment
Reasonable price for what you get

What Needs Improvement-
Requires a few minutes to change from one sport to another

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