An iPhone/iPod cable that withstands a beating


From what I understand it’s a fairly common problem with the iPhone & iPod charge and sync cable.  It’s also a problem that causes both costly and aggravating results.

After pulling it out from the dock connector of your device countless times, the wire that connects to the dock plug becomes damaged.  It’s simply not built all that heavy duty and the stress from pulling and pushing on the cord over and over again breaks it down.


Image courtesy of BoomerangToss on Howard Forums

Well CableJive has the solution.  They’ve recently released their “duraSync” cable for the iPhone and iPod and they were nice enough to give me a cable to review.


The cable itself contains two layers of housing protection on both ends.  A stiff rubber outer shell combined with a inner core of dense, impact resistant plastic.

The dock and USB connectors are able to withstand banging, crushing, dropping and being stepped on.


The wire itself is able to handle pulling, jerking and being run over.


It even comes with a lifetime warranty!

The cable is 3 feet long and is available now for an introductory price of $19.99.  It works with all iPhone models, and all iPods except the Shuffle.

I had no issues using the cable to both charge and sync my iPhone, even while the phone was in a case.  I tested it on my faithful Otterbox Defender and the dock plug fit without issue.


M.S.R.P. – $19.99

What I like – extra strong, durable cable for charging and syncing iPhone and iPods.

What I don’t like – dock connector doesn’t seem to lock into the bottom of the device.

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  7. Thanks for this info I think I’ve gone through five cables this year alone.

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