iPhone 3G/3Gs Razor Skins from JAVOedge Review

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JAVOedge has released a new case for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs.  The Razor Skin is a lightweight silicone style case that’s rubberized texture offers a good grip and slip protection yet it remains soft to the touch.

The case is available in two unique styles.  Blossom and Cortex.  Each style features a laser cut out etched pattern on the back that includes a translucent layer which allows your iPhone to shine through the back.

JAVOedge was kind enough to give me both cases to review.  Here are my thoughts.


The Cortex version of the Razor Skin comes in two colors.  Black and Navy Blue.  Each comes in minimalistic packaging.


The Navy color is darker than it photographs.  You can see the white back of my iPhone 3Gs faintly through the etched cortex pattern on the back of the case.


The Black version is deep and the white etched pattern contrasts with it very well.


Each case wraps the phone nicely.  It’s edges fully protect the chrome bezel of the iPhone resulting in a full “lay on the table” design.


The bottom of the case features one large cutout which gives full access to the dock connector port.  I had no trouble docking my phone, while the case was on it, in my Griffin Simplfi dock.


The volume rocker gets fully covered by the case but features raised nubs which make it easy to raise and lower your audio.

The vibrate switch is exposed and is not hard to reach with either your finger or thumb.


The sleep/awake button as gets covered by the case where as the headset jack port is open.



The Blossom version should appeal to the more feminine iPhone user.  It’s flowered pattern in the back is etched and translucent just like the Cortex version of the case.


The Blossom comes in Pink.


And also in Aqua.


It has the same form factor as the Cortex version.


Full cutout for access to the dock connector.


Covered volume rocker and open vibrate switch.


Covered sleep/awake button and open headset jack port.


Both these cases come with a lanyard that allows you to carry your phone around your neck.  The case has two small holes which you loop the lanyard through.  It attaches very securely and I never felt like the phone was going to fall out of the case while I was carrying it around my neck.


The lanyard is lengthy enough that it should fit on almost anyone’s neck.  It’s also adjustable so you can securely it around your neck as tight or as loose as you choose.


I am VERY impressed with the Razor Skin.  With a price of only $11.95 I was expecting a cheap feeling silicone case.  That’s not at all what I got.  The silicone used for the Razor Skin is quite thick.  It’s tight fitting and covers everything you want to have protected while at the same time giving way to what you need to access.

With two patterns, one more masculine and one more feminine the Razor Skin should appeal to everyone.

You can get the Razor Skin directly from JAVOedge by visiting their website for the Cotex and Blossom.

M.S.R.P. – $11.95

What I like – tight fitting silicone that covers much of the phone.  Etched pattern is translucent.

What I don’t like – lanyard holes look odd if you’re not using the lanyard.

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