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Before deciding this is not an interesting gaming option because it is the Lite version, read this review.  You may be surprised on what you find!  I have to admit I am usually not a fan of lite versions of paid apps, but this game is different.  One reason is Firemint has teamed up with Volkswagen to bring this game as an introduction of the new 2010 GTI.  Yes, the game is basically a commercial for the new GTI, but this also means it is a really nice version of the $4.99 Real Racing game for free!

For many years, racing games have been some of my favorite.  I spent many hours of my life mastering Gran Tourismo and have been a racing fan literally my entire life.  There have been very few iPhone racing games that I have found worth purchasing.  Need For Speed Underground is the only game I have enjoyed playing.

Real Racing GTI does have some limitations, but as a driving game, it is fantastic!  There is only one car available, the GTI of course, and it is not upgradeable but does have a choice of colors.  When choosing a quick race, there is one main track with three tracks being available for career mode.  Luckily, the gameplay is good enough to over ride any of these limitations.

The controls are quite simple.  Tilt the iPhone to steer and press the screen to brake.  The gas is automatic and a choice to auto brake is available.  While in the game, click the top middle of the screen to look in the rear view mirror, top right to change views, and top left to pause the game.  Even with automatic braking turned on, clicking anywhere else on the screen utilizes the brakes.

I have always preferred chase view in driving games elusively.  Real Racing GTI is completely opposite for some reason.  The in-car view of this game seems to be my favorite way to race.  The controls feel better and my timing is better on the turns with this view.

Graphics are detailed with smooth edges and no lag on my 3GS.  The environments of the three tracks are nicely rendered and each very different.  The in-car view is also detailed, with the tachometer and speedometer moving accurately.   The racing is fast and furious!  A smoother driving line will create better times as the braking is accurate and acceleration improves with a perfect line.

Firemint has hit a home run with the controls for this game.  Using the accelerometer to steer is responsive and tight.  I found the game easy to control and perfect the most difficult sections of each track.  This is a must have and will probably lead to the purchase of the full game after a short time.

Get Real Racing GTI here in the app store for free.  Don’t forget to click on winners circle and register to win one of six GTI give away cars.  The contest runs until December 2.

What I liked: Amazing controls and great graphics.  A truly nice racing game!

What could be improved: I would like to see a track map on the screen to see where the other cars are as well as what turns are coming up.

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