MSI Demos 3 Concept PC’s at CES

MSI demoed three interesting concept PC’s at CES this week.

First is a all in one PC with a 3D LCD display.  What is not clear on this one is if you have to wear the goofy 3D glasses all of the time.  Gaming in true 3D will be an interesting experience.  Imagine ducking that missile because it really looks like it’s heading for your head!

Then there is the Sliding PC concept.  The screen slides up so you can put your keyboard behind it for storage.

Finally, I have something I would like to have in the projector PC concept.  Instead of a screen, it has a HD quality projector built in.  I can see this being used for presentations and in hotel conferences centers instead of a projector and a pc.  You could also use this as the center of a home theater system.

No word on availability of any of these interesting machines.

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