Beware: Some Images Aren’t Proof of Anything

Beware: Some Images Aren't Proof of Anything

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I was reading a story on Phandroid about the supposed HTC Supersonic which may be a future HTC made Android device, or may not.   They had a image that was from the suspect device’s about screen e-mailed to them trying to catch them into posting about it.  However, Phandroid was on the ball and they had someone create a image reporting a device as the HTC Phandroid running Android 3.1.  It was created by editing a file in the /system directory on a rooted device, rebooting it and creating a regular screenshot.  The point is, this screen isn’t valid as proof of a new Android device.  Even if it was just photoshopped, it’s SO EASY to make this kind of  screen on ANY device be it Windows Mobile, Android or yes, the iPhone — even with limited Photoshop skills.

The same goes about the bazillion images zooming across the web claiming they are images of the Apple product that we will all find out about tomorrow.  Even those that are very well done are suspect.  

Are the images worth looking at and drooling over?  Sure.  I personally think that these images are just the same as a fiction author writing about pocket computers and laptops in the 60’s and 70’s.  These images can drive the progress of technology.

Fake Apple iPad Ad from Youtube.

So have fun speculating about the latest Apple announcement and take a HUGE grain of salt over any e-mail or blog post of a image that say’s it’s the real Apple iPad or whatever the name is going to be.  The truth comes tomorrow.

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