Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

We’ve looked at a number of charging systems that don’t require you to actually plug your device in. The best known example of this is the Powermat system. It worked as promised, but while I liked the cool tech I never got used to having the bulky and somewhat ugly cases on my devices. That’s why I was curious, but skeptical, when Magnetyze reached out and invited us to check out their entry into the wireless charging market.

What I discovered was a product that is truly a huge step forward in both technology and aesthetics. Oh, and it uses magnets and you KNOW everything goes better with magnets!

Is it something I want to use full-time? Read on…

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

From the Company:

What is Magnetyze? It’s a revolutionary way to charge and sync your phone using leading-edge magnetics-based technology. It’s a protective case, a desk stand, a car charger, a wall charger, a three bay docking station and much, much more.

The Magnetyze family includes a variety of magnetics-based accessories which utilize patent-pending technology for attaching, charging and data synchronization through magnetic contacts.

The system revolves around the Magnetyze Case. Your phone is outfitted with a protective case which contains an integrated magnetic connector enabling attachment, charging and data synchronization.

The Magnetyze Advantage- Universal compatibility: Every phone equipped with a Magnetyze case is compatible with all other Magnetyze accessories so everyone in the house can share. Apple and Android can finally co-exist!

Obsolescence protection: When you upgrade your phone all you need is a new case and all of your Magnetyze accessories remain compatible. No need to buy new phone-specific accessories every time you upgrade.

Data Synchronization: Automatically sync data and music when you connect the Charging Desk Stand or the Magnetic Charging Cable to your computer.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review
I was sent the Magnetyze for the iPhone 4/4S system. This system included everything I needed “to start using the Magnetyze charging system”. That meant it came with a Magnetyze protective case (yes, since Apple hasn’t often to include this technology in their products you need a case to add the functionality), – desk stand, and magnetic charging cable. It is available in black and white in order to go with the two colors Apple currently offers. It has an MSRP of $69.99. Let’s look at each piece and then spend a bit talking about actually using the system.
Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review
The Magnetyze Protective Case: The company describes it as “sleek, ultra-slim and lightweight to protect your phone against daily hazards”. I think they did an excellent job with it.
Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review
The sled-like case is thin and light. It doesn’t add all that much to the depth or the length of the iPhone 4S.

The design is interesting in that they designed it in two pieces. Once the iPhone is slipped into the sled a bumper-like case slips over both the phone and the sled.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

This creates the look and feel of a single device and is immediately familiar to any of us who used a bumper with the signal-challenged iPhone 4.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

(I know, I know, it needs a new screen protector.)

And while the sled covers the iPhone 4S’ 30-pin dock connector, once using the system you don’t need it! And since the iPhone 4S still had the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top, you don’t lose that functionality either.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

Magnetic Cable: At its most basic, the case can be used with a USB-to-magnetic disk cable. The USB portion can be plugged into an outlet or your computer

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

The magnetic disk snaps into place on the back of the sled when the two get close enough. And when it does charging immediately begins.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

How strong are the magnets? They are strong enough to do this…

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

Desk Stand: The Desk Stand is an interesting accessory.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

It lets you hold your iPhone in either portrait or landscape, charges your phone, and lifts it up off your desk or other surface to help protect it from, for example, spills.

Magnetyze System for iPhone 4S Review

This is a great accessory for your desk, but it would work equally well on a bedside table since it turns your iPhone into a clock using one of the ten gazillion clock apps now available. For maximum flexibility I would recommend getting at least two of the Desk Stands

It is important to note that, when connected, the magnetic stand or cable won’t just charge your iPhone. No, if either is plugged into your computer it will also sync the device. (Although in 2012 I do have to wonder why anyone would still be choosing a cabled sync over a a Wireles one).

There is also a 3-Bay Docking Station that will charge any three Magnetyze-equipped phones simultaneously.

I like this system. It is far sleeker than similar products we have tried, and the addition of magnets gives it some great add-on functionality that lets you do things like turn your iPhone into a bedside clock. I also like the fact that the system is “future proof”. Once you buy the cables, desk stands and car accessories you simply need to purchase a new case when you upgrade your device. And that’s where my biggest issue with the system comes into the picture. It worked great with my iPhone 4S, but I now have an iPhone 5 and they aren’t offering a case… Yet. And I have the new iPod touch and they haven’t given any indication they will be making a case for it. So I have an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod touch and an iPod nano and they system currently works with none of them. And when they do come out with the iPhone 5 sled, only one of my Apple devices will work with the system. And they new iPad mini will likely be coming and, it too, won’t have a case. At that point it simply makes more sense for me to have 9-pin cables at strategic locations at home and in my office.

If, however, you have an iPhone 4S and don’t use a number of other devices, this system can be a huge convenience. It certainly performs as promised and, in the process, offers both convenience and cool-tech. You can learn more and order yours here on the company site. And check back tomorrow because … We’re giving the review sample away!

MSRP: $69.99

What I Like: Works as promised: Magnets!!; Desk Stand is simple yet amazingly useful; Not as bulky as other wireless adaptor kits; Future-proof

What Needs Improvement: Not enough devices currently covered

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