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February 2, 2010 • Reviews

The Oberon Design Kindle DX Cover Review

Not long after Julie Strietelmeier and I reviewed their Kindle & Kindle2 covers, Oberon Design announced that they would be releasing a Kindle DX version. I found this news particularly welcome, because shortly after we completed the review I purchased the DX. Of course, moving to a larger Kindle meant that the case I loved would definitely no longer work, and for the longest time my DX went case-less, wearing only a Decal Girl skin. It was several months before I had the chance to review one of Oberon Design’s new DX covers, but when the opportunity came I was eager.

After much thought and a little bit of waffling, I finally decided upon the Ginkgo Leaf cover in Fern. As expected, the leather is absolutely gorgeous, smells wonderful, and feels divine; yes, I am a fan! On the front of the cover is a square pewter ginkgo leaf button which comprises one half of the closure system.

The back of the cover continues the ginkgo pattern along with the elastic loop which forms the other half of the closure system.

Closed, the case measures 11″ tall x 8″ wide, it is just under an inch thick, and it weighs about a pound. The amazing richness of the thick green leather coupled with the 3D textures from the bench crafted ginkgo design makes for a case that you will be proud to carry, one that looks at first glance like an ornate journal or sketchbook.

The interior is smooth leather with a felt strip to cover and protect the Kindle’s screen. There is a card pocket on the bottom left, and tucked in between each side’s two leather layers is a sheet of ABS plastic for added rigidity and device protection. I once again removed the plastic inserts from my cover, because I think that they are unnecessary as the leather sides seem to offer plenty of protection.

Oberon Design’s name is stamped on the leather to the right of the card pocket, and it is the only branding evident anywhere on the cover. This branded area is actually a small pocket itself, although I am not sure what you could fit in there … perhaps a folded love note. 🙂

A system of potentially confusing loops and elastic pulls are seen when the case is lying open, but installation and use is actually quite straightforward.

To install, you slip the DX into the bottom two leather loops, slide it under the upper left, and then secure it with the elastic loop on the upper right. I’ll talk about the pull in just a moment.

The cover is supple enough that it will easily fold behind the Kindle, which is how I prefer to read. I should mention that other than passing across the bottom left speaker, the leather and elastic loops do not cover any buttons, ports, or switches. As you can see, there is a slight border of leather around the Kindle’s edges, which Oberon Design says should help if the Kindle is dropped.

The elastic pull mentioned previously is used when you want to read in landscape mode with the case propped in front of you, a process best described here. Shown below is my Kindle being used in landscape mode, with the pull system making the cover a secure easel.

At the risk of sounding too gushy, I have yet to find a company who overs more beautiful covers than Oberon Design. Their craftsmanship is superb, their products are offered in so many designs and colors that the covers almost seem personalized, and placing my Kindle in one is probably the closest I will ever come to replicating the experience of reading from an ancient, hand-bound masterpiece.

The Oberon Design Kindle DX Cover is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $130.00

What I Like: Impeccable craftsmanship and gorgeous designs; option of reading in landscape or portrait mode; leather is supple and thick — offering plenty of protection for the contents inside; no need to use the plastic reinforcement panels, as the leather is thick and stiff enough without it

What Needs Improvement: Not necessarily a con, but cover is a bit stiff at first, although it definitely becomes “broken in” through use

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  5. I just received notice from Oberon that they will have an iPad case. I can’t wait to see what they do for it! 🙂

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