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JAVOedge has long been known for their PDA and phone cases, and more recently they have been making eReader cases. Today I’ve got a close look at their new Kindle 2 leather Croc cases, specifically the Book Style and Flip Style. These cases are available in red, black, blue and pink leather with a crocodile skin pattern; I was sent the red and black in Book Style and the blue in Flip Style; even though they open in completely different ways, both cases utilize a holster to maximize security and protection to the Kindle 2.

I’ll admit up front that I’ve never been a big fan of holster cases, ones that put a frame of leather around a device’s screen, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t learn to appreciate one if it were properly done. Were these? Let’s look …

JAVOedge Flip Croc Case

According to JAVOedge:

The JAVOedge Kindle 2 Flip Croc Case is a sleek, eye catching alternative to traditional leather cases. Featuring a flip jacket, the case’s design offers a snug, padded fit for your Kindle 2. The Flip Croc Case includes a kickstand so it can be propped for hands-free viewing. A magnetic enclosure makes opening and closing your Kindle easy. Design features include openings for the Kindle’s speakers and easy access to device features. The interior sleeve is lined with interior pockets for storage of document essentials for your on-the-go-needs. An ideal, slim carrying case, the JAVOedge Kindle 2 Flip Croc Case combines function with style.

I have always liked crocodile and alligator patterns, but I have never strayed very far from matte brown or matte black. When confronted with electric blue, my eyes popped. This blue isn’t for the faint of heart or the socially quiet; in other words, it is pretty flashy, but actually very pretty. As the name implies, this is a flip-style, opening similar to the way a notepad would. On the front, there is a small silver JAVOedge branded plaque.

On the back, there are cutouts for the Kindle 2’s speakers, as well as an attached and tethered kickstand which snaps to the cover when not in use.

The cover is held shut by the use of hidden magnets, which means no tabs, no hooks and no loops; there is nothing to fasten at all, and I like it.

The top of the cover has an ID window with a flap pocket that would be best suited for holding flat paper objects such as bills or receipts. I can’t imagine that many people would forgo keeping their drivers license in their wallet to keep it here, but this pocket would be a great place to put a business card with info on how to reach you should your reader get lost somewhere.

There is a pen or pencil loop on the right side of the holster, which is fashioned to hold the Kindle 2 without obstructing any of the buttons or keyboard.

Here’s the Kindle 2 inserted in the holster, which fits snugly (but not too tightly).  The keyboard is still completely accessible, but there is a slight ridge from the holster rimming it now. The buttons on either side are completely accessible, and the only one that feels a little bit crowded is the little joystick. In return for the holster’s ridge and the slight joystick crowding, you get corner and edge protection that would not be possible from a case using a loop system to hold the Kindle 2.

It’s a little bit hard to see because the pen loop is in the way, but there is a cutout for the volume buttons on the upper right.

The charging port is left clear, so that the Kindle won’t need to be removed.

Access is available to the power switch and earphone jack, and a hole over the jack allows earphones to be used even when the case is closed.

The kickstand is held in place by two snaps when not in use, and a grosgrain ribbon serves as a tether so that the kickstand doesn’t open too wide.

If you like to use your Kindle in an upright position, then you’ll really appreciate the easel feature.

The cover also lays flat against the back of the Kindle for easy one handed reading. This case probably offers the most protection that I’ve yet seen, since the top and all sides have some kind of cover acting as a buffer.

JAVOedge Book Style Case

According to JAVOedge:

JAVOedge’s Croc Book Style Case for Amazon Kindle 2 is a fashionable, eye-catching genuine leather case that offers front, back, and side protection to the Kindle 2. Featuring a book-style jacket, the case’s design offers a snug, padded fit for your Kindle 2. The Croc Book Style Case uses a magnetic snap closure to make opening and closing the case cover easy and hassle-free. Design features include openings for the Kindle’s speakers and easy access to device features. The interior sleeve is lined with a soft fabric to protect against scratches and features interior pockets for storage for your on-the-go-needs.The JAVOedge Croc Book Style Case for Amazon Kindle 2 is an ideal, slim carrying case, combining function with style.

Here’s another bight mock-croc color — bright red! Again there is only a small silver JAVOedge plaque on the front, otherwise there is no branding on the case.

This case opens like a book, so there’s no kickstand, but there are still holes for the rear speakers.

The Book Style is also held shut with hidden magnets, so there is no obvious fastening system. Once open, the interior is very similar to that of the Flip Style; once again there is an ID slot and an open pocket. In the middle, there is an elastic loop for a pen or pencil.

Again, the Kindle 2 slips into the holster with buttons and the keyboard left exposed. Again, it is a little tight when you try to use the joystick, but that is the trade-off for three sides of full protection.

I really like the extra protection that the holster provides, but it does take a while to get used to it being there, when you are used to a totally exposed Kindle 2 front.

Again there is access to the charging port …

And when closed, the left side, bottom and right side are quite protected.

The Kindle 2 sits just under the outer edge of the case’s top, and this is potentially the one spot where there might be a vulnerability in a drop.

The front cover of the Book Style case also folds behind the rear for one-handed reading.

I’m still not a huge holster fan, but I must say that I appreciate the protection that using one affords the Kindle 2. I also appreciated the fact that both JAVOedge cases seem to be very well made, with properly aligned holes for buttons, switches and ports. If you are looking for a bright, protective Kindle 2 cover, then you ought to consider the JAVOedge.

The JAVOedge Book Style and Flip Style cases are available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $49.99 for either style

What I Like: Bright, cheerful colors in a stylish mock-croc stamped leather; the Flip Style case offers protection to all sides

What Needs Improvement: It’s a little tight to access the joystick due to the holster, but the trade-off is edge and corner protection; the Book Style case leaves the top a bit exposed

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