Camangi Webstation Includes GPS… DHL Could Use One

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I wasn’t going to write a post about my experience with shipper DHL yesterday. Yes, although they told me on the phone twice that my Camangi WebStation was on the way it never came. Yes, I had to look on while Judie unboxed hers. I had to listen to her “ooh and ahhh”, all the time thinking that mine was on the way any second when, in fact, it wasn’t. Yes, my exchanges with their customer reps left much to be desired. But still, I had no plans to write a post about my experience.

Elana just got off the phone with DHL… and now…. now I’m writing this post. Seriously, I think I’m living in the twilight zone.

Here’s the timetable.


Yesterday morning at 9am I called DHL to confirm their policy with regard to leaving packages at the door. I knew it was coming some time during the day and I wanted to make sure that if I had to go out I left the right instructions on our garage door for the delivery person. I was told that, yes, they needed a signature or a signed note with the tracking number. The representative also confirmed that the device was on the truck for delivery. Awesome.

Judie’s arrived. She unboxed it. She started setting it up. Me? Nothing.

At 6pm I called DHL to find out what was going on. I was told, “It’s on the truck. Our drivers have until 8 PM.” Good enough.

At 7:50pm I received an e-mail telling me that there was “a delivery exception“. The message said something about the delivery address being wrong. (It’s not — the address DHL has is the same address that the U.S. Postal Service has and UPS has and FedEx has… and no one has ever had an issue.)

I called DHL and asked them to have somebody take care of it for me. Send the truck back out or something. (At this point it was less about the package and more about the run-around.) They said that they had no way of dealing with it now because the station is now closed. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 10 minutes a supervisor got on and unceremoniously said “What seems to be your issue?” (Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?) I told her about the issue. She offered a weak apology. (Admittedly after being given the runaround by her too I got a bit testy.) She ended with something like, “Well there’s nothing we can do about it now; that’s just the way it is, and we will have it delivered tomorrow.)

An hour later another supervisor called me (at least they followed up) and offered another lame apology. I said to him, “Please stop offering one word apologies and just take care of it. Funny, but I’ve never had this issue with UPS, the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx.” He told me that it would be scheduled for delivery in the morning tomorrow.

Now it’s tomorrow.

Something just wasn’t sitting right for me. In addition my contact over at Camangi emailed (they have been awesome!!) saying that she had been told by DHL that there was some issue with the address. I can’t understand why this would be the case, since two supervisers the night before had confirm the address and told me would be delivered this morning.

So I asked Elana if she would call them on my behalf. (She is much better in these situations than I will ever be). She just came downstairs and told me the following —

It wasn’t scheduled for redelivery today. Apparently they are still claiming that there’s some issue with the address and so they were waiting for me to confirm the address before scheduling it for redelivery. The problem is… they hadn’t told me they were waiting for me to confirm the address for redelivery. Quite to the contrary. Two different supervisors last night confirmed the address and told me he would be delivered this morning.

Moreover, I asked Carly to Google my address using the least bit of information possible- first using zip code and street and then using town and street. Both times she found me without an issue.

I have no idea what is going on with this company. Apparently they have no idea what is going on with their company. The only thing I know is this –Judie is enjoying the opportunity to explore her webstation, and me? I’m not holding my breath that I will be seeing it anytime soon.

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