Review: The Hug Wireless Charging System by Case-Mate

Review:  The Hug Wireless Charging System by Case-Mate

While at CES 2010 one of the products which excited me most was the wireless charging system Case-Mate unveiled for the iPhone 3G/3Gs called The “Hug.”  We at Gear Diary are huge fans of everything Case-Mate does both from their products to their customer service.  They are one of the companies that simply get it.

While there are a few companies making wireless charging systems for the iPhone the ones I’ve seen are flat out unattractive.  What impressed both Dan and me about the Hug was the fact that it not only charged the iPhone wireless but it looked super cool too.

Well The Hug is ready for prime time and poised to be released Monday March 8th exclusively on the Case-Mate web site.

The company was kind enough to send along an advanced copy for us to review.

It seems to me that this type of product is best reviewed live, in color, on video see click below, so sit back and watch the Hug in action below.

If you like what you see head to the Case-Mate web site Monday and pick up your own for $99.99.

M.S.R.P. – 99.99

What I like – wireless charging, slim design, looks and feels great.

What I don’t like – ticking noise may prove extremely bothersome for some users.

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  • Dan Cohen

    Case-mate was kind enough to send a second review unit out so I have had a chance to use it for the last day also.

    Larry- I think you described it perfectly. As a case I like it a lot. I liked the PowerMat system but the iPhone case had a thick thick plate which added weight and more on the back which made it unusable to me. This one is a case I might use regardless of the charging system.

    My issue with it is the ticking sound. At least the early unit I have, while not loud, is noticeable. What I'm not sure about is whether I could use it next to my bed at night or on my desk at work. Still deciding.

    The other issue is the inability to sync while the phone is in the case. This doesn't matter much to me since I don't physically sync my iPhone that often but for people who sync a lot this could be an issue.

    That noted though Case-Mate did a nice job with this!

  • I still wish an extended battery could be added to the case/charger since it has to be thicker anyway, but that won't keep me from ordering on Monday. Looks interesting! 🙂