Super Notebook Stand – Monitor Combi

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Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

My man cave/guitar room/sports memorabilia room/computer room is not the largest room in the house.  Last summer we decided to replace a large computer desk with a small one on wheels.  My only problem with new table was finding a place for everything.  I liked the smaller footprint, but needed a way to organize my desk while making it still look good.  One morning on my summer break I headed out the shop and built a small shelf out of some scrap wood.  I painted it black and slapped a couple of Apple stickers on it and had me a custom monitor stand.  This worked ok for a few months, but it was just some wood slapped together and painted black.

As fate would have it, USB Fever provided me with the Super Notebook Stand-Monitor Combi to review.  The stand is a non-homemade version of the product I was wanting in the summer.  The stand not only lifts my monitor up to create space, it holds many desktop items and solves the problem I had from downsizing my desk.  See what all the Monitor Combi offers and how well it worked for me after the break.

The Super Notebook Stand-Monitor Combi is a unique product to me.  I often see things as a “why didn’t I think of that” product and this would fall into that category.  The idea of a monitor stand is simple but the interest comes in how the product is executed.

The Notebook Stand really has a spot for just about everything one would have on a desk with room underneath for the keyboard to be stored.  Actually for me, my Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse fit perfectly next to each other under the stand.  Below is an image with all of the features included with the stand.  There are eleven items recommended to fit within the stand plus the monitor on top.

Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

I used the stand slightly different from the stock photos.  I keep my keyboard and Magic Mouse under the stand which is the exact width to hold both perfectly.  A couple of give away pens and a sharpie rest in the pen holes ready for quick notes.  The large front spot holds a few of my custom fountain pens while the spot next to it holds guitar picks and my capo.  I do not like to set drinks that close to my gear, so my Bucee Beaver sits in the cup holder.  My business does not bring many business cards, so those slots hold my Apple In-Ear headphones and various USB drives.  The triangular slot behind my copy of Snow Leopard is holding a box of paper clips.

Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

Super Notebook Stand - Monitor Combi

I was able to empty several cups and holders while ridding my desk of a lot of clutter.  The Super Notebook Stand-Monitor Combi is sturdy and well made.  The included compartments are customizable for any desk storage needs.  The stock photograph shows an optional USB hub in the included slot.  I am currently waiting for a USB hub small enough to possibly fit into this slot from USBFever.  I do wish the company offered the hub shown in the picture to ensure a perfect fit.  Anyone looking to clean up a desk, raise their monitor and hide the keyboard should try the Super Notebook Stand-Monitor Combi.

M.S.R.P.- The Super Notebook Stand-Monitor Combi is available here from USBFever for $59.99.

What I like- This stand is the exact product I needed this summer when I built my own version.  It is well made and includes many features to clean up my desk.

What could be improved- I would like to see the USB hub that fits in the unit included or at least an option to purchase.

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