Just Another iPad Blog Helps You Make the Case to Buy an iPad

GearDiary Just Another iPad Blog Helps You Make the Case to Buy an iPad

Are you trying to justify that iPad purchase?

Trying to convince your spouse that an iPad is an absolutely, positively, must-have tool that will enable you to be far, far more efficient, inventive, and creative than said spouse has ever imagined you capable of being?

Or are you just looking for something to occupy your thoughts and help while away the long, long, seemingly never-ending, (and did I mention long?) days until that iPad arrives on your doorstep?

If any (or all) of the above is true, you should head your way over to Just Another iPad Blog and check out their series counting down the iPad’s arrival, Use Cases for the iPad.  It offers some positive brainstorming on things you can do, might do, or hope that you’ll be able to do with an iPad.  My personal favorite is Use Case #6 – Cure for the Common Couch Potato.  You see, my spouse is fine with the iPad, it’s all my sitting around that she minds!

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Jeff Frantz
Jeff’s interest in computers and technology began by watching too many Star Trek reruns after school. His first computer was a Timex-Sinclair, for which he had the 16K – yes, 16K – add-on pack. His current interest in gadgets was spurred on by the original Palm Pilot; from there it was a slippery slope to Pocket PCs, Archos media players, Sony Cliés, and various Apple products.