Vertu Constellation Ayxta Update! It’s Broken!

Vertu Constellation Ayxta

If you noticed last week, we did an unboxing on the Vertu Constellation Ayxta.  A gorgeous new flip phone that costs oodles and oodles..  Well this week its broken!

I put one of my 3 SIMs in it to start using it and absorbing it into my daily repertoire.  And then it started happening!

I had synched the phone to my PC (Ok Mac Book Pro running Windows XP) and loaded my contacts and a few pertinent pics and was very excited to get started!

I turned it on and the screen clock on the inside started to flash incessantly and I couldn’t get it to stop!  I closed and opened the phone until it finally stopped but very annoying!  It kept happening on a very regular basis, so I switched SIMs.. It kept happening..  So I switched to my ‘best’ SIM (Telstra) and it still happened!  Despite the SIM or the location it continued so I realised I had a faulty phone..  Imagine that with one of the most expensive phones in the world..

Clock Flashing!

The Concierge service with Vertu is an international call to London from Australia, and I didn’t quite feel like paying that on top of absorbing the purchase!  So I dropped them an email..  They got back to me within an hour and asked me to take it to the retail establishment that I had purchased it from..  Now the wonderful ladies at the jewellery store are very charming and flirt very well, but their deep technical knowledge of even a dumb phone came up a bit short.  So I wondered what my service experience was going to be..  I took the phone in, and they were charming but a little less flirty (Darn!) as they filled out a service envelope and duly recorded all the requisite information.  So let’s see how my ‘experience’ goes!  Stay tuned!