Tokyoflash Releases the Kisai Console Watch


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Tokyoflash Releases the Kisai Console Watch

I’ve always admired Tokoflash watches from afar.  They have a look unlike any other watch I have ever worn and are just plain cool.  Well they now have released a watch that looks like it comes right from a 80s scifi movie.

The watch is the Kisai Console Watch and it was selected in February 2010 on the Tokyoflash Design Blog as a watch that fans would like to have created.  Now it’s reality thanks to Tokyoflash!

Tokyoflash Releases the Kisai Console Watch

Kisai Console is a USB rechargeable watch design. The USB cap is fitted flush against the case and can be unscrewed with the screw driver provided. To charge, simply connect to your computer with the USB cable provided. One full charge will take 3.5 hours and each charge should last 1 month. There are 300 charges in one battery and the battery is replaceable.

A user selectable animation is programmed into Kisai Console for night time. Every fifteen minutes between 18:00 and 24:00, all LEDs will illuminate before fading out.

Tokyoflash Releases the Kisai Console Watch

The diagram above shows how to tell time on this watch.

Available now for  around $200, the Kisai Console Watch from Tokyoflash is sure to be a unique watch for any geek!

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